gift card to cashGifts put a smile on the receiver’s face, but money and cryptocurrency make the world go round. So why should gift cards just be a means of payment for regular gifts? When indeed you can also use them to acquire the world movers, money and crypto. When your desire isn’t to redeem gifts with your gift cards they will look useless to you. Unless of course, they can be converted to a useful currency. Thanks to gift card exchange platforms like, people can sell their gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency. The big question is how? How do you convert a gift card that was only made to redeem gifts to cash or crypto? The answers you are looking for will be given to you as you read on.

Before trading your gift cards there are a number of factors one needs to consider. These factors include:

  1. Knowing your gift card balance
  2. What currency do you want to convert the gift cards to?
  3. Knowing your gift card rates.

Let’s take them one by one for better understanding.

1. How To Check Gift Card Balance Online

It’s important to know the balance on your gift card before trading, especially if it has been used in the past. 

You can check your gift card balance online through your account on the gift card brand’s website. For example, to check an Amazon gift card balance you will have to go to your account on 

You will need your card number and some other information you will find on your card.

2. What Currency Do You Want To Convert To

Before attempting to trade you should make up your mind on what Currency you want to convert your gift card to. You have the option to convert to Naira, Cedis, Bitcoins and USDT on the Prestmit platform.

3. How To Know Your Rates Before Converting Your Gift Cards To Cash Or Crypto

The Prestmit platform has an automated gift card Rate Calculator you can use to check current gift card rates. This service is available on a 24 hours basis.

When all these factors are put in place then you are ready to trade.

How to Convert Your Gift Cards To Cash And Crypto

Are you looking to get some Naira or cedis or even cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and USDT then follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account on the platform
  • Log into your account
  • Click on the “BEGIN TRADE” or “START TRADE” option.
  • Select “SELL GIFT CARDS” 
  • Choose the brand of gift card brand you want to sell.
  • Select the currency you want to convert your card to. E.g Naira, Cedis, or bitcoins.
  • Click enter then wait for some minutes to get paid.

Now that you know how to trade, why not use that gift card to put a smile on your face and make the world go round.