Google Play gift cards have indeed gained popularity in recent times and the high demand for Google Play gift cards has further proven this. 

Google Play gift cards offer a lot of advantages to the users which of course, is why almost every Android device user demands a Google Play gift card. Some others sell the Google Play gift cards for cash or crypto when they are longer in need of it, so, you can see that your Google Play gift cards can never go to waste.

However, in as much as this may sound perfect, there are some important things to note before buying that Google Play gift card. It will help you to make the right choice and also stay away from Google Play gift card scam.


What Are Google Play Gift Cards?

Google Play gift cards help givers find the perfect gift for their Android device and for recipients who could be friends or family. These gift cards give their recipients access to the Google Play store and allow them to purchase anything they want. “What can you buy with your Google Play gift card?” is the big question right now.

5 Things You Can Buy With Google Play Gift Card

Here are things you can buy with your Google Play Gift Card:

1. Movies

 The Google Play Gift Card gives you unlimited accession Google Play Store. Do you wanna watch all those amazing Marvel and DC movies?

With the Google Play gift card, you can get the latest movies of your choice.

2. Apps

The Google Play gift card gives you access to millions of apps on Google Play Store; Clubhouse, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Camera360, DU Speed Booster, Spotify, Whatsapp, Boomplay, etc. 

3. Books

If you have a love for reading, you can access all your favorite books on the Google Play Store using the Google Play Gift Card, from the Harry Porter series to all the beautiful romance novels online.

4. Magazines

You can use your Google Play gift card to gain access and subscribe to any magazine in the store and start getting unlimited business, sports, entertainment news from your favorite sources.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Google Play Gift Card

1. It’s only available in the Google Play Store:

The Google Play gift cards can only be used to buy digital material on the Google Play Store for Android devices, indicating that the card has been designed to only allow access to the Google Play Store for its users.

2. You can’t use your Google Play gift card to buy the Fortnite game: 

The Fortnite game was released on Android, but Epic Games chose to bypass the Google Play store to avoid paying the Google Play Store 30% of the revenue. Fortnite does not need to be available on Google Play Store to be a success, according to the epic game. As a result, you won’t be able to purchase this game using your Google Play Card.

3. You can’t use your Google Play gift card to upgrade to Spotify Premium on the Google Play Store:

You can download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store, but you can’t use your Google Play gift card to upgrade to Spotify Premium on the Google Play Store.

4. The physical card has a higher value than the virtual card (E-code):

The Google Play gift card’s physical card version has a greater redemption rate than the E-code format. Some platforms charge 390 dollars for a physical card and 300 dollars for an E-code format.

5 . It can be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency:

If you don’t want to use your Google Play gift card on the Google Play Store, you may exchange it for cash or cryptocurrency, just like any other gift card. Many platforms in Nigeria, such as Prestmit, accept Google Play gift cards in exchange for cash, bitcoin, or USDT.

It is critical to grasp and know the realities behind the Google Play gift card before taking the risk of purchasing one. This essay will assist you in understanding what you’re getting into and making an informed decision.

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