Do you have a gift card you want to redeem for gift items or do you want to get someone a gift card and are not sure if they are redeemable in Ghana? “Akwaaba Charlie!” Lucky you. You found the right article. Let’s help you figure out how to turn that magical card into things you always wanted to have.

Whether you are in Kumasi, Tema, Cape Coast, or Accra it doesn’t matter as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can enable you to get online, you are set to explore what your card can get for you but first, you have to redeem it?

There are various ways to redeem gift cards either for cash, Crypto, or through the card issuer’s store.

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When Can You Redeem Your Gift Cards from the Card Issuer’s Store From Ghana?

  1. When The Issuer Operates In Ghana: One way to redeem your gift card is for the issuer store to operate in Ghana. An Example of a store that operates in Ghana is Shoprite. If you’ve been given a Shoprite gift card it means you can redeem it from any Shoprite store.
  2. When it’s an Online App and Game gift card: For holders of online app and game stores gift cards like GooglePlay store or iTunes gift cards they can buy apps, ebooks, games, etc, for their Android or Apple devices. To redeem their cards they need to have an account on the app. Let’s use Google Play gift cards for example. To redeem it in their store you have to go through 4 steps. You would have to log into the app then put the gift card code into the space created to insert it then click on Redeem. You can now shop for whatever the card can afford. This is basically the same format for most online app and games gift cards.

When Do You Redeem Your Gift Cards for Cash Or Crypto And How?

There are different reasons why people sell their gift cards for Cash or Crypto but these are the most prominent ones.

  1. When You Do Not Want To Use Them To Buy Anything: It might happen that you are not willing to get any gift item. You can sell it for some cedis.
  2. The brand doesn’t ship to Ghana: If a company doesn’t ship to Ghana then the gift card is worthless to the holder except, of course, you sell it.
  3. Sell It For Bitcoin Or Other Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally are slowly becoming an accepted means of transaction, so converting gift cards to Cryptocurrency is a reasonable thing to do for your future sake.
  4.  Convert Them To Mobile Money(MOMO): You can also convert your gift cards to mobile money when you aren’t going to use them to buy anything or if the company doesn’t operate or ship to Ghana.

How do you turn gift cards into cash? Easy. Look for a good online platform where you can sell gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency and then trade with them.