For the past two centuries, Amazon had proven to be the world’s largest retailer, selling over 1.6 million packages every day. Given how big Amazon has grown as a company over the years, the company has created its gift card to serve as a payment system for goods and services available on the Amazon store.

Amazon gift cards are sold on Amazon and other retail stores around the world, these cards can be gifted to friends and families which they can use to buy any item of their choice from the Amazon store. 

In Nigeria, Amazon has earned a lot of customers who purchase products from the Amazon online store, while some are purchases with their bank debit cards which are proven to be more expensive, others use the Amazon gift card for their transactions. If you have been thinking of ways you can use your Amazon gift card, then this article is for you.

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What Is Amazon Gift Card Used For?

Amazon gift card is mainly used for purchasing products and services offered by Amazon. We can’t begin to outline all the products and services because they are endless. Amazon gift cards allow customers to shop for varieties of products, on the Amazon store.

Amazon gift cards can also be used as gifts. Many people often choose to buy gift cards for their loved ones instead of getting the actual gift. This will enable them to purchase the gift of their choice when they redeem the gift card on Amazon.

Amazon gift cards can also be sold for cash or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT. This could be sold to individuals looking to buy Amazon gift cards or sold on platforms that offer the services of trading Amazon gift cards for cash and crypto.

How To Use Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria

There are many ways to use Amazon gift cards which are;

Add the card amount to your Amazon balance and shop: 

This is the primary reason for the creation of the Amazon gift card, to use the credit balance on the gift card to make purchases on the Amazon store. You can add the code to the space provided for you during checkout after you’re through with shopping. If you don’t know how to shop on the Amazon store from Nigeria, here is how to do it.

Remember you can always buy your Amazon gift cards online and have them delivered to you in less than 5minutes, through the Amazon gift card email delivery. Check how to buy Amazon gift card here.

Send them as e-gifts: 

You can send Amazon gift cards as e-gifts from anywhere in Nigeria. So, even if they’re in Australia, you can send the gift cards to them from Nigeria. Just visit Amazon, select the gift card, amount and e-gift it to the recipient’s email address with a personal message.

Convert the Amazon gift card to cash or crypto:

You can exchange your Amazon gift card for cash or crypto if you don’t wish to shop on Amazon. You can reach out to some people who are willing to buy your Amazon gift card for cash or crypto, set your price and negotiate with them. The most common way to sell your Amazon gift card is through exchange platforms that buy gift cards from individuals at a certain rate. This is exactly what we do on our platform, we convert your Amazon gift card to Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin, and USDT at the best rate you can get anywhere in Nigeria.