E-code gift cards are electronic codes that may be purchased online and delivered to your email or mobile phone. E-code gift cards, also known as digital gift cards, are even better than traditional branded gift cards because you may use them to pay for goods and services anytime.

Customers can redeem these E-code gift cards at any location that accepts them (such as a retail store, bank, or restaurant) that issues them. You can use them to make purchases of goods or services of various kinds.

The most popular E-code gift cards include Apple E-code gift cards, Google Play E-code gift cards, Amazon E-code gift cards, and Steam E-code gift cards, which you use in the proper stores. Meanwhile, you can only redeem some E-codes online.

How Does E-code Gift Card Work?

They are just like conventional gift cards in that you can redeem them in any store. You can unseal the pin code on the back of physical gift cards. On the card, you remove the cover to reveal the pin used for transactions.

Your email or phone receives the pin codes for E-code gift cards. To use a coupon code, you must enter it during the checkout process. To utilise it in a physical store, you should print the code and bring it when shopping.

E-code gift cards vary depending on the merchant. Therefore, it’s essential to keep this in mind. Some people can work in both offline and online stores, whereas for others, it’s just online. Merchants may limit the use of a gift card to online purchases at their discretion.

It is best to use enterprises that supply their goods regularly to prevent losing your email. For those who want to give a special gift to a loved one on a specific date, this is the perfect option.

Advantages Of E-code Gift Cards

1. They Can Be Personalized

Because they are linked directly to the recipient’s profile, nobody activates E-code gift cards other than the designated receiver. For instance, it is only possible to redeem a Google Play digital gift card using the Gmail account that received it.

2. Security

Compared to traditional gift cards, E-code gift cards are more resistant to fraud and tampering. Store-bought gift cards are vulnerable to tampering. There is a guarantee for a safe and secure transaction because you buy an e-code gift card straight from the retailer, and no third party is involved.

3. Difficult To Misplace

It is difficult to recover a physical gift card if it is lost. However, it is impossible to lose an E-code gift card. You can also get an E-code gift card back if you lose it by providing the retailer with your contact information. If you can’t find the message that sent the code, you can also search your email’s spam folder.

4. Instant Gratification

The recipient can use their gift card more than once with an E-code because you can send it to a phone, tablet, or computer instantly.

5. Cheap To Produce And Deliver

To make an E-code gift card, you don’t have to pay a printing fee like you would for a physical gift card, which means you save money. You don’t have to pay for printing each time you renew your E-code. Since E-codes can be sent directly to the recipient’s phone or electronic device, no postage or logistics costs are incurred.

6. E-code Gift Cards Are Eco-Friendly

There is no need for paper, plastic, or other tangible things when using E-code gift cards. They are a bit part of the effort to improve the future of our world.

7. You Can Resell E-code Gift Cards For Cash

You can exchange your E-code gift card for cash through gift card trading platforms. It is a simple and quick process.

Disadvantages Of E-code Gift Cards

1. It May Be Sent To The Wrong Address

Be sure to double-check all of the recipient’s information before confirming the purchase. You can send incorrect pins to the wrong email or phone. It can happen if you don’t follow up with the recipient.

2. E-code Gift Card Doesn’t Look Presentable As a Gift

People who prefer the traditional presentation of gift boxes and ribbons will be disappointed to learn that the E-code is everything but a gift. But the E-code gift card is the same value as the conventional card.

3. You May Need To Follow Up

The recipient may not receive an E-code gift card you send to a friend. You will need to devote more time to follow-ups to succeed. If you purchased a physical card, you must ensure it arrives on time.

How To Send An E-code Gift Card

The following are the steps to sending E-code gift cards to family and friends.

  • Visit the website of your preferred merchant
  • Choose the E-code gift card option you want to send
  • Determine the amount and quantity of the digital card you wish to send
  • Fill in the details of the recipient, the name, and email address
  • Add a message, if you’re going to send a personal message
  • Add the E-code gift card to your cart and checkout on the website

Prestmit Is The Best Platform To Trade Gift Cards

Prestmit is a place where you can buy and sell gift cards, including Steam gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana. It is a place where people can sell different kinds of gift cards. Here are some things that make Prestmit a great platform to trade E-code gift cards:

1. Best Exchange Rates

Prestmit has one of the best rates for exchanging gift cards. There are a lot of things that affect the rate at which merchants exchange gift cards, but demand and supply are two of the most important ones. When figuring out the exchange rate at Prestmit, the customer’s financial health is the utmost priority. You can use the gift card rate calculator on the platform to determine how much different gift cards are worth.

2. Excellent User Experience

Prestmit has designed its platforms so that selling your gift card is accessible and user-friendly. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are taken into cognisance to make the platform’s web and app versions easy to use.

3. Express Payment

Prestmit pays customers as soon as they prove their gift card is still sound. It doesn’t take time, so that customers can get their money within a few minutes.

4. Amazing Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7 to help users with any technical problems they might be having with the platform.


Using E-codes to make purchases has become a lot easier thanks to the rapid expansion of technology, and people are taking advantage of this because they want an easy life. The world is changing, and technological advancements have made nearly every part of our lives simpler, including giving gifts, shopping, and making purchases.