Use of Gift cards is very good ways to make in-store and online purchases on your favourite stores. Buying a Gift Card for your transactions ensures easy access to the store, as well as a secure and convenient transaction. However, purchasing Gift Cards for gifting purposes gives the recipient the power to make their own choice of gift in the store, instead of buying the actual gift.

Have you ever wondered how those Gift Cards you buy at the store are activated by the cashier?

When you buy a gift card whether for a business, a restaurant, a hotel, be it Visa or Mastercard, you must first take it to the cash register and ask the cashier to load money onto the card. The cashier accepts the card, activates it, and charges the specified amount to it.  

Why Do Gift Cards Need Activation?

Even though this may seem like a chore, activating your card aids against false transactions.
Firms can ascertain the account digit linked to the card to discern if or not the card was bought
or stolen.

How Are Gift Cards Activated?

Checkout the activation guidelines. These can always be seen on a sticker attached to the face
of a card. If the sticker has been discarded, guidance is also uncovered on the back of the card.
Locate the card numbers. Activation needs the 16-digit gift card digit (discovered on the face of
the card) and the Card Verification Number (CVN) (located at the right of the signature box
which is on the back of the card).

Activate your card online or by an automatic phone operation. At the back of the card you will
find a website and 800 number given. Select either alternative to activate. Both need the 16-digit
gift card digit and CVN.

How To Activate a Gift Card At Self Checkout?

Self-service checkout kiosks have grown in popularity in retail and grocery stores, and they are a convenient option when making a small purchase. Gift cards can be purchased at self-service checkout in some stores, and they will be activated once your payment has been processed and your transaction is complete.

Can I Check My Gift Card Balance?

Yes, you can check your balance on any type of Gift Card you are using. To check gift card balance, you will need the card number and, if applicable, the PIN or security code located on the back of the card. Most retailers & restaurants allow you to check the balance online, by calling the toll-free number located on the card, or by visiting the store in person.

How Can I Sell My Activated Gift Card For Cash?

Gift Cards can offer a lot of options for users. Assuming you have one in your wallet which you don’t want to redeem on any store, you can as well sell it for cash and solve your need. The real question lies on how you can sell your Gift Card for cash.

It’s not a big deal to sell your Gift Cards and her cash back for them, different online platforms have made it quite easy for Gift Card traders to sell Gift Cards for cash. One of the best places to sell your Gift Card for cash is Prestmit. This is a platform built with the best tools for facilitating smooth and fast online Gift Card transactions. If you want to sell any brand of Gift Card, checking out this platform is the first thing you should do.