The price of Bitcoin has dropped to a significant level over the past few months and this incidence can be attributed to the current bear crypto market ravaging almost all the cryptocurrencies in the market.

Bitcoin is the most valuable and the first cryptocurrency to ever exist in the market and as such, it is still the most expensive cryptocurrency despite the current crypto winter.

One may not be wrong to insinuate that the demand for Bitcoin has dropped to a substantial level as is evident by its low price.

Nonetheless, this is not the end for this most revered cryptocurrency because of its volatile nature. Recall that Bitcoin sold for less than $1 in its first year and made its all-time high in November 2021 at the price of $65,000 and today sells at $19,000. 

Will Bitcoin still trade above this level? Yes. Crypto analysts have also predicted that Bitcoin will soon surpass the $100,000 price level. 

The current bear market has left many investors in doubt and uncertain of the next step to take but some investors simply see an opportunity to accumulate more Bitcoins at a cheaper price and build wealth in the bull market.

There are many ways to accumulate Bitcoin but the purpose of this article will focus on selling gift cards for Bitcoin.

If you’re one of the smart investors looking to utilize this opportunity by exchanging your gift cards for Bitcoin, this article will give you a detailed analysis of how you can sell a Steam card for Bitcoin, how much Bitcoin you can sell the Steam card for and the best platform to sell your gift cards for Bitcoin.

What Is A Steam Card?

Steam Gift Card is a voucher preloaded with a specific amount of money used for both online and in-store transactions on the Steam platform.

The Steam platform is home to various types of video games, gaming software and some hardware. Owning a Steam Gift Card gives a user access to the Steam store to shop for any product of choice.

Steam cards are of two different types; Steam physical cards and Steam E-codes.

The two cards have the same use cases, the only difference is the structure in which they are issued.

When a customer purchases a Steam card, he redeems the card on the Steam platform and the value is added to his Steam wallet. After each transaction, the value is deducted from his Steam wallet.

Steam cards come in different denominations ranging from $5-$500.

Where Can I Sell Steam Cards For Bitcoin?

Due to the increasing demand for gift card trading services, many online trading platforms have emerged over the past years to offer this service to traders.

However, some of these platforms are not efficient enough, hence, they do not offer quality services while some are completely fraudulent platforms that rip traders off their assets.

This is a major problem for traders as many traders have lost confidence in online trading apps.

The good news is that there’s still a needle in the haystack but the only problem is finding it.

You need not search any further for a good online trading app while the Prestmit app exists.

Prestmit is an online trading app that offers all essential features for traders to trade digital assets seamlessly on the platform.

Ever since it was launched in 2020, Prestmit has grown to become the most popular and used trading app in Africa, offering gift card trading services for more than 300 types of gift cards and cryptocurrencies.

Traders can choose their payment options from the multiple options available on the platform.

Prestmit has many unique features which make it the first choice for gift card traders across the globe.

These extraordinary characteristics of the Prestmit platform include the following;

  • Swift Payment Policy
  • High Rates On Digital Assets
  • Fast Customer Support
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • High-Security Protocol
  • Rates Calculator
  • Simple User Interface

How Much Bitcoin Can I Get With a $100 Steam Card?

The question of how much Bitcoin one can get for a $100 Steam card depends on many factors, and the major factor is the trading platform and the rates offered on such platforms.

However, this is not a problem on Prestmit because high rates are one of the policies of the platform.

As of the time of writing, selling a $100 Steam card on Prestmit will get $70.39 worth of Bitcoin at the rate of 535.

You can always check for the current rate of all gift cards on the platform using the live rate calculator.

How To Trade Steam Card For Bitcoin On Prestmit

Now that you have known how lunch Bitcoin a $100 Steam Gift Card can get you on Prestmit, the next thing we should discuss is how you can trade on the platform.

Trading on the Prestmit platform is an easy process and these few steps will guide you on how to trade your Steam card for Bitcoin.

  1. Download the Prestmit app, sign up and log in.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards” 
  3. Select “Sell Gift Cards
  4. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method and proceed.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and select Steam Gift Card.
  6. Select “Gift Card Type” and choose the type of Steam card you have. For Example, USA Steam physical card.
  7. Click on “Amount” and input the amount of Steam you wish to sell.
  8. Upload the gift card image if you are trading a physical card, otherwise, input the codes in the comment section.
  9. Enter your Bitcoin address in the Bitcoin address section.
  10. Click “proceed” and your wallet will be credited.


Trading gift cards is a stress-free exercise if you utilize the right platform. This article has given a detailed summary of how much Bitcoin a 0 Steam card can get you in Nigeria and also the best platform to sell your gift cards successfully.

Prestmit app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.