The global gift card marked card to increase with different pictures of Nordstrom gift cards in various forms; as such, identifying these other pictures of the card is very important for any gift card trader.

A Nordstrom gift card is a prepaid debit card that holds a certain amount of money to enable you to buy a wide range of products in stores and online on Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom is one of the top fashion retailers in the US; Nordstrom offers consumers a wide selection of designer apparel selections, as well as cosmetics and accessories to complete any outfit.

Picture of Nordstrom gift card


A Nordstrom gift card is the ideal present since it enables you to shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook to find the perfect clothing for any occasion, whether you are preparing for a wedding, a party, or just looking for the right outfit for any event. You can only use the Nordstrom gift card at the store. Nordstrom cards hold their value, and it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Give loved ones as a gift
  • An alternative for cash at the Nordstrom store
  • Budget mechanism to guide and restrict your buying behaviour
  • Exchange for cash when you sell the card

In the preceding, it is crystal clear that the Nordstrom gift card has its particular importance, which we can not undermine. Hence, as you consider using or trading the gift card for intended purposes, it is imperative to understand the different pictures of the card to ace your trade. Therefore, this article guides you on identifying the other images of Nordstrom gift cards for both beginner and expert gift card traders.

Types Of Nordstrom Gift Cards

There are three (2) types of Nordstrom gift cards: physical cards and E-gift cards.

1. Physical Nordstrom Gift Card

Picture of Nordstrom gift card


This is a type of Nordstrom card you can get at physical Nordstrom stores, on its official website, and at other gift card stores to enable you to redeem the card online and offline. The denomination of the physical Nordstrom gift card ranges from $25 to $500. The Nordstrom gift card does not expire so you can use it anytime. You can customise this card to your preference.

2. E-Gift Nordstrom Gift Card

Picture of Nordstrom gift card


This is a digital form of Nordstrom gift card that enables you to customise the card in your best interest but for varying purposes. You have a wide range of designs, depending on the occasion to choose from, in making your E-gift Nordstrom gift card unique and lovely. The denomination of this card ranges from $25 to $500. In addition, this Nordstrom card does not expire.

How To Identify Different Pictures On Nordstrom Gift Cards

There are two major types of Nordstrom gift cards, so expect to have different pictures of the card, albeit with the residual knowledge of some elements to look out for on the gift card.

1. Logo

Picture of Nordstrom gift card

Every Nordstrom gift card has either many “N” or “Nordstrom” inscribed on it to trademark the identity of the gift card. This can exist in varying colours as there is no distinct logo for the card.

2. Image

This feature is important for identifying every gift card, and the Nordstrom gift card is no exception. While some of the gift cards can be, most are ATM cards; as such, they have “Nordstrom” written on them.

3. Text

The text on the Nordstrom gift card varies with personal preference (for both physical and E-gift), so you can find the card with different fonts, and while some of the texts are in horizontal form, others appear to be in slant.

How To Use Nordstrom Gift Cards

Picture of Nordstrom gift card

The two primary use of your gift card is to sell Nordstrom gift card or redeem it for different products at the Nordstrom store. But it is also imperative to know your Nordstrom gift card balance before using it for any purpose, and one of such platforms where you can check the Nordstrom gift card balance and possibly redeem the Nordstrom card is Prestmit.

Prestmit is one of the best places to buy and sell your gift card, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, before we treat you as king while offering the best gift card rates that are unmatchable in the gift card market to date.

To Activate Your Nordstrom Gift Card

Picture of Nordstrom gift card

1. Visit Nordstrom’s official website.

2. Navigate to Nordstrom card services.

3. Click on “Activate my Nordstrom card.”

4. Enter your last name.

5. Enter your date of birth.

6. Fill in your phone number.

7. Enter the last four digits of your card number.

8. Click on “Activate.”

Alternatively, you can also do this on Prestmit, as we are always available to help you with the easy activation of your Nordstrom gift card.

How To Check Nordstrom Gift Card Balance

1 Visit Nordstrom’s official website.

2. Navigate to the Nordstrom Gift Card Balance page.

3. Enter your gift card number.

4. Fill in your access number or code.

5. Click on “Check Balance.”

How To Redeem Nordstrom Gift Card On Prestmit

Buy and sell Nordstrom gift cards on Prestmit

1. Create a Prestmit account and sign in.

2. Upload your bank details in the withdrawal section to complete the setting up of your account.

3. Navigate to trade gift card and choose “Nordstrom gift card” as the card you want to redeem. Here, the gift card rate calculator will display to you the value of the card in the currencies of Naira, cedi, BTC, or USDT).

4. Provide the details of your Nordstrom gift card with the picture(s) of the card.

5. You will receive payment into your account or wallet upon verifying your Nordstrom gift card and its details.

How To Get The Best Value From A Nordstrom Gift Card

A Nordstrom gift card is durable, as it does not expire and offers many benefits. However, the best way to get real value from your Nordstrom gift card is by selling your card. When you sell your Nordstrom gift card, you get nearly the same value as the actual amount of the card.

For instance, when you want to sell your Nordstrom card, you can be assured of getting the best rates. As of the time of writing this article, you can sell a $100 physical Nordstrom gift card on Prestmit for NGN 47,000 and GHS 723 in Nigeria and Ghana, respectively.


Nordstrom gift card is a gift card that has the potential of opening the doors of possibilities to trade and redeem at both online and physical stores. But it is essential to come to terms with different pictures of these cards to understand what their logo, images and text look like.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to relishing the shopping experience in your fashion and clothing products, consider having a Nordstrom gift card to avail yourself of the opportunity.