There are several trading platforms you can sell Netflix gift cards in Nigeria today however the best place to do this is Prestmit.

The Netflix gift card which is issued by Netflix, an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service and production company is one of the top gift cards in the world.

Fun/movie lovers are always looking for where to purchase this gift card which can be from various retail locations and online. It can be used to pay for Netflix or to give as a gift. The Netflix gift card is one of the top streaming gift cards you can get your hand on.

This article will show how to sell Netflix gift cards in Nigeria and where to do it best.

Sell Netflix gift cards in Nigeria

Sell Netflix gift cards in Nigeria

Where to Sell Netflix Gift Cards in Nigeria

As stated earlier, there are several platforms to sell your Netflix gift cards among other top gift cards in Nigeria. Whatever the reason you have to sell your Netflix gift card, you should look for a place where you will get the best value for it.

However, the best platform to get it done quickly, at the best rate, and get paid in multiple options is Prestmit.

The gift card and crypto asset trading platform is built with love for its numerous customers. The platform is therefore the best place that will always pop up when selling your top gift cards in Nigeria & Ghana.

With the Prestmit app, you can sell top gift cards such as Amazon, AMEX, Vanilla, Steam, eBay, Google play, Sephora, and so on at the best rates.

On this platform, you can get paid in the Nigerian Naira, Ghanaian cedis, Bitcoin, or Tether (USDT). Payment is also without delay which makes it a place to have an awesome trading experience.

How to Sell Netflix Gift Cards in Nigeria

Everything about Prestmit is easy peasy. This can be seen when using the platform to sell gift cards as well as crypto assets. Below are the simple steps to take when selling your Netflix gift cards whether you need cash, can’t use it in your region or what have you.

  1. Download and sign up on the Prestmit app.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards“.
  3. Further click on “Sell Gift Cards“.
  4. Select ” Payout Method” and choose Naira.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and choose “Netflix Gift Cards“.
  6. Click on “Gift Card Type” and choose “UK Netflix Gift Card
  7. Click on “Amount” and type in the amount of the Netflix Gift Card you wish to sell.
  8. Upload the gift card image, if any; if not, type the code in the comment box.
  9. Click on Proceed and Submit Trade. The payment is credited to your Prestmit Naira wallet instantly.

Why Sell Your Netflix Gift Card on Prestmit

You may decide to sell your gift card on any platform you come across but that doesn’t mean you have success with it. There are trading platforms out there that’ll promise to give you the best but scamper with your money.

Prestmit is reliable and trusted by many which have made it a symbol of excellence for gift card trading. The platform is always available, built with love, easy to use, instant payment for traders, and other benefits which have made it a hallmark of an awesome trading experience.

You are missing a great deal if you’ve not used Prestmit for your gift card trading. You’ll get the best value for your Netflix gift card here.

Sell Netflix gift cards and other top gift cards using Prestmit app

Sell Netflix gift cards and other top gift cards using the Prestmit app

Is Prestmit Safe?

Prestmit is equipped with modern security tools to help secure your account at all times. These include 2FA authentication and also a centralized security architecture that secures all components and layers within the platform.

This is one of the several reasons the platform has grown in the number of users over the years, unlike several other platforms.


One of the top streaming gift cards in the world is the Netflix gift card. If you must sell this gift voucher for any reason, Prestmit is the best place to do so.