An honourable customer reached out to us last week to confirm the rate of UK physical Steam gift card, and we told him it was 760 according to the gift card rates calculator at the time.

Fast forward to today, the customer is back, but the rate is now 730 😪; this unsettled the customer. I explained to him why it was that way. Then I realized that it’s possible some of our customers also don’t know why that is. So I’m here to explain…

The reason is that gift cards are digital assets whose market is controlled by demand and supply. The higher the demand for a particular gift card, the higher the rates. For instance, if amazon website is running a promotion today, the demand for amazon gift cards will go up, as well as the rate.

Just like the crypto market, gift card rates are not fixed. This is why you should set gift card rate alerts on the Prestmit app so that you’re notified immediately when your preferred gift card gets to your preferred rate.

If you need further explanation, you can reach out to us.