Gift cards and prepaid debit cards feature having money loaded onto them for later use. These unique cards can occasionally be used as credit or debit cards when online purchases. If you have one of these gift cards, you can sell it for real money, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies on platforms in this part of the world that prefer to exchange these gift cards for cash.

Gift cards, which are gaining popularity, are among the simplest ways to hold and transfer money online. A loved one can receive a gift card from friends and family in the form of a Google Play gift card, Amazon gift card, Steam gift card, iTunes gift card, etc.

In contrast to five years ago, when approximately $1 Billion worth of gift cards went unredeemed, the recipients of gift cards now understand that they can sell gift cards in Nigerian Naira. People are currently looking for a plan to unleash that wealth. Prestmit is here to ease your concerns regarding the sale of gift cards in Enugu, Nigeria.

Gift card sales reached $619.25 billion globally in 2019 and might increase to $2076.51 billion by 2027, according to research. Internally, this implies a large amount of money going back to the brands and enterprises that offer these services, fostering customer loyalty.

Gift cards are a means of earning money worldwide, including in Nigeria. Gift cards are physical and digital assets you can convert to cash spent on purchases. They give you the ability to allow customers to buy anything they want both offline—in stores—and online. It is interesting to note that they can occasionally be exchanged for cryptocurrency or moved to particular mobile wallets.

Every month, family and friends send you several gift cards, but you have no idea how to exchange them for naira. If you buy and sell gift cards via shady websites or apps, trading gift cards in Nigeria can be a difficult task. You may stop looking now since you are in the right place.

Is Selling Gift Card In Enugu Legal?

You can exchange gift cards for cash to make purchases other than selling them. Because the buyer will still use the gift card, it is lawful. Without the permission of the presenting companies, it is illegal for the buyer to attempt to copy or counterfeit the gift card.

Many internet scam artists can defraud you by obtaining your credit card information but not paying you since there is a lack of transparency, as reliable clients are hesitant to swap gift cards in Nigeria. But if you choose a reliable online trading platform carefully, your chances of being duped decrease.

Where To Sell Gift Cards In Enugu, Nigeria – Prestmit

Many consumers aren’t even aware of the apparent possibility of selling gift cards for immediate cash. All Nigerian gift cards, including those from Google Play, Amazon, Steam wallet, Sephora, iTunes, and other merchants, are covered by this rule. Customers who are interested in them are always available.

Since there are so many websites, choosing the best and most trustworthy ones is never easy. However, this post includes the most popular, reliable, and top website where you can quickly and conveniently exchange your gift cards for cash.

Prestmit is the only reputable and reliable platform with this commercial value. Prestmit has bought and sold tens of thousands of gift cards over the years, as well as digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

How To Sell Gift Card On Prestmit In Enugu

Below are the steps to take in selling gift cards on Prestmit:

1. Create a Prestmit account and log in to get started.

2. Select “Begin Trade”.

3. Click on “, Sell Gift Cards” and scroll down the page to fill in some details.

4. Select “Category” to specify the card you are about to sell.

5. Click on “Gift Card Type” to choose from the options of a physical gift card or an Ecode.

6. Enter “Amount” to indicate the price tag on the card you want to sell.

7. You will upload the image of the gift card different from the physical gift card type while you enter the code for the Ecode type in the comment section.

8. Payout Method. Here, you have the option of indicating that you want to either receive payment in cash (naira) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Tether).

Why Do You Need To Sell Gift Card In Enugu On Prestmit?

1. High Rates

Prestmit’s number one distinguishing feature is the high pricing it gives on its site for gift cards. With the trading platform’s belief in providing clients with an appropriate value return on their assets, Prestmit’s high rates of gift cards have a competitive edge over others. You decidedly check the rates of different gift cards using the platform’s automated gift card rate calculator.

2. Instant Payment

Every successful transaction on the Prestmit platform results in prompt payment to the user. After receiving payment in their Prestmit cash or cryptocurrency wallet, users can withdraw money from their bank accounts or personal wallets.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Unlike other gift card trading websites, Prestmit offers its customers a variety of payment options, including Naira, Bitcoin, and USDT.


It is crucial to choose a platform that offers an amazing trade experience because many people in Enugu, Nigeria, decided to sell their gift cards for naira or Bitcoin rather than using them to buy gifts from merchants. One of the top platforms in Nigeria for selling gift cards is still Prestmit.

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