Gift cards are a great asset to have and give to someone as a gift because the value each of them holds makes them special. AMEX gift card is one of those beautiful gift cards that brings you joy and convenience when you have one. But you need to know about AMEX gift cards to give you a deep understanding of how you can use the gift card for varying purposes.

We can not rule out the prospects of gift cards in a broader sense. When you give a gift card, it takes a semblance of having cash at hand to enable you to buy anything you so choose. In this regard, it is safe to infer the gift card you have is a ‘cash in card’ as against the physical cash you have, which is ‘cash at hand’. Above all, gift cards are valuable assets.

All you need to know about AMEX gift card

The popularity of gift cards has transcended time and space. You can use gift cards from anywhere in the world at any given time, with the condition that you use the respective gift cards at their supported stores. In addition, gift cards have, in a way, influenced the output of the global market because the market was estimated to be over $899 billion in 2022 and expected to climb up to $2.3 trillion by 2030.

AMEX gift card is one of the most popular in the global market. This can be because it is an American gift card largely designed for Americans, although there can be concessions in one way or another towards using the gift card.

What Is An AMEX Gift Card?

An AMEX gift card is a prepaid payment card that is preloaded with amounts in US dollars. This is a gift card issued by American Express (AMEX), an American multinational company providing payment cards. AMEX is popular in providing its clientele with payment options like debit cards, credit cards, and AMEX gift cards.

One distinguishing feature of AMEX gift cards from other types of gift cards is that they are open-loop gift cards, and you cannot use an AMEX gift card to withdraw to cash, just like other payment cards created by AMEX. As such, AMEX gift cards function similarly to other gift cards, which have a preloaded value on them to be redeemed at the official store of the parent issuer of the gift card.

Stores outside the United States that are known to accept credit cards can also accept AMEX gift cards for purchases. Moreover, one interesting thing is that you can sell AMEX gift cards for cash anytime you like.

This gift card is available in the denominations of $25, $50, $100, $200, and $500, and it has a 15-digit PIN and a 4-digit security code at the front of the card.

Types Of AMEX Gift Cards

There are two major types of AMEX gift cards: physical and digital gift cards.

1. Physical AMEX Gift Cards

This is a physical type of AMEX gift that exists in plastic form. You can buy this gift card from online or physical stores where you receive the gift card from the purchase outlet. Physical AMEX gift cards can be personal or business, as the case may be. You can customise either of these gift cards to suit your varying needs better as it relates to their value.

2. Egift AMEX Gift Cards

This is the digital form of an AMEX gift card you receive via email when you buy the gift card from a physical or online store.

Where Can I Use An AMEX Gift Card?

There are different places to use AMEX gift cards, but for brevity purposes, we will highlight some places to use the gift card based on popular lifestyle activities.

1. Clothing

You can use AMEX gift cards as a payment method at stores like ASOS & H&M to buy clothing products that always make you look good.

2. Hotels

AMEX gift cards give you the pleasure of having a home away from home experience when you want to spend the night at some beautiful tourist destinations. You can use your AMEX gift card to book accommodation at places like Bakers Cay Resort, Amara city resort, Balboa Bay, etc.

3. Supermarkets/Hypermarkets

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the best places to redeem your AMEX gift cards, as these locations give you a wide range of options to spend the value of your gift card on. Walmart is one of the popular hypermarkets where you can redeem your AMEX gift cards.

4. Restaurants

Waiting for your cravings at the time you want is indeed a relishing experience. AMEX gift card gives you this ecstatic feeling when you know you can use your gift card to take a loved one out for dinner. Here, you can use your AMEX gift cards at restaurants like McDonald’s and Deliveroo.

What Are The Limitations Of Using AMEX Gift Cards?

There are some limitations or restrictions that can hamper the use of AMEX gift cards, and these include the following:

1. You can not use an AMEX gift card for certain transactions like ATM deposits and withdrawals.

2. You can not add the value of your AMEX gift card to a credit card to make purchases.

3. You cannot use AMEX gift cards for transactions requiring pre-authorization lower than the total transaction value.

4. You can not use AMEX gift cards to pay for services like subscriptions, hotel reservations, or car rentals.

5. Errors in the process of redeeming the card

How To Buy An AMEX Gift Card

You can buy an AMEX gift card from online and physical stores. This is largely dependent on your personal preference. But you should know that it is not only cash you can use to buy AMEX gift cards. You can also use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to buy AMEX gift cards.

1. Online Stores

AMEX gift cards are available on various online platforms that sell gift cards. But it is important to take precautionary measures of buying your AMEX gift card from a reputable gift card trading platform. In this regard, I will confidently recommend Prestmit as the best platform to trade AMEX gift cards because of the safety and speed of every transaction on our platform.

2. Physical Stores

You can buy your AMEX gift cards at physical stores closest to you. Some convenience stores sell gift cards and from where you can buy your AMEX gift card. But it is noteworthy that you can not buy AMEX gift cards at physical stores outside the United States.

How To Buy AMEX Gift Card Online

You can simply get an AMEX gift card online with the following steps:

  • Visit the AMEX gift card page on the official AMEX website
  • Select the preferred type of gift card you want to buy
  • Choose your preferred design and the denomination range of your gift card
  • Choose the delivery option of your choice
  • Enter your preferred card value
  • Enter a personal message on the AMEX gift card
  • Click on “Add to Cart” and make payment for the gift card with either of the payment options

Benefits Of Using An AMEX Gift Card

AMEX gift card

AMEX gift cards have different benefits when you have them because they are a pricey type of gift that doesn’t lose value over time. So what are the advantages of AMEX gift cards?

1. Flexibility And Convenience

AMEX gift cards can provide you with convenience when you have them. For instance, you can hold an AMEX gift card and use it to make payments at some designated tourist destinations. This is also not forgetting that you can use this gift card to buy different items at Walmart. Therefore, AMEX gift cards allow you to use the gift card at different stores that support the gift card.

2. Resell For Cash

You can sell AMEX gift cards for cash if you do not want to redeem the gift card. Let me reiterate that gift cards are valuable, making them unique from other gifts. So you can sell this gift card and be sure to get the best value from its sale.

AMEX gift cards have one of the best rates with high resale value. Therefore, you do not lose when selling your AMEX gift card.

3. Give To Loved Ones As a Gift

AMEX gift cards are a lovely gift to give to family and friends to celebrate them. You can decide to disrupt the norm of giving greeting cards or other regular gifts and give an AMEX gift card that would wow the mind of the gift card’s recipient.


An AMEX gift is one of the gift cards that gives you convenience and a good store of value when you have one. This is because it extends the frontiers of its use as a viable payment method over other types of gift cards. While you can use an AMEX gift card to do shopping, you can also sell the gift card or give a loved one as a gift.

However, AMEX gift cards are of great worth, and you can be assured that you will get the best of the card’s value when you sell an AMEX gift card. If you have an AMEX gift card you are considering selling today, talk to us at Prestmit because we are always available.