Nike gift card is one of the top fashion and sports gift cards, so there is a need for you to know how to fix common Nike gift card errors when you encounter one of the errors at the point of redeeming the gift card.

You have to redeem every gift card before you can use the card to access products or content in its official store, and the Nike gift card is not excluded in this regard. With a Nike gift card, you can get your favourite fashion or sport at discounted prices at the Nike store.

Nike gift card


But, while the use of gift cards in general proceeds with redeeming them, you must know some common errors associated with Nike gift cards and possible solutions to these errors. Broadly, some of the common Nike gift card errors are zero balance, invalid Pin, and not activated errors. This is the discourse on which this article is anchored upon.

Understanding Nike Gift Cards

Nike gift cards are gift cards designed by Nike, which is a global company reputed to be the hub of footwear, apparel, clothing, and accessories that cut across different sports and cultures. As such, you can use Nike gift cards to buy various products at the official Nike store or its subsidiary stores at a discount as significant as 10%. Some of Nike’s subsidiary stores are NikeFactoryStore, NikeWomen, and NikeClearance.

Moreover, Nike gift cards are region-specific, meaning that you can only redeem Nike gift cards in the country of its denomination. For instance, you can only redeem US Nike gift cards in the United States, and anyone outside the United States cannot redeem US Nike gift cards.

Nike gift cards open to you a door of opportunities to different branded products from Nike, so it is always interesting to have a gift card.

Types Of Nike Gift Cards

1. Physical Nike Gift Cards

These are a type of Nike gift cards that are are are in plastic or paper form. Physical Nike gift cards are in denominations of $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, and $250. You can get these gift cards by getting them delivered to your home address.

2. Digital Nike Gift Cards

These are Nike gift cards are in virtual form, and you can receive them via email. Also, their denominations range from $25 to $250. When you buy digital Nike gift cards, you can then ill get the gift card delivered to your mail within two hours of purchase.

3. Customized Nike Gift Cards

This is a type of Nike gift that you can design to your taste and give to your loved ones as an expression of your gesture towards them. You can get customized Nike gift cards in both physical and digital forms. However, you can design the amount in which you want your gift card to be from the denomination range of $25 to $500, while you add a personalised message to your recipient.

Common Nike Gift Cards Errors

1. Zero Balance

Zero balance is an error that results from the instance of the amount of your Nike gift card not being added to your Nike balance. It is expected that the amount of your Nike gift card should be added to your Nike balance, just like every other gift card.

Nike Zero Balance

But you may encounter a Zero Balance error if the dollar value charged against the card is higher than the amount (value) of the Nike gift card. In addition, you may get a Zero Balance error message when you have not activated your Nike gift card (especially a physical Nike gift card) before redeeming the card.

2. Invalid Pin

Nike Invalid Pin error message

This is an error that is common to all gift cards when you are trying to redeem them. You are likely to get an invalid Pin error message when you don’t enter your Nike gift card Pin correctly. You must know that the Nike gift card has 19 digits and 6 Pin digits, and you must ensure to enter them correctly to avoid getting an error message.

For instance, you can get an invalid Pin error message when you enter “I” instead of “1” or “O” in place of “0”.

How To Fix Nike Gift Card Errors

You can resolve the common Nike gift card errors with a different approach as it relates to the respective issues.

1. How To Fix Zero Balance Error

You must ensure to activate your Nike gift card before redeeming the gift card at the Nike store. Activation precedes redeeming, so you may encounter a Zero Balance if you don’t activate your Nike gift card, especially the physical card.

You may also have to contact your retailer to help you resolve your query if the Nike gift card is activated but the value of the card is not yet added to your Nike balance. The final solution to this hitch is to contact Nike customer service for a possible solution to resolving the error.

2. How To Fix Invalid Pin

Ensure that you correctly enter your 19-digit Nike gift card number and its 6-digit Pin. You may want to painstakingly do this to avoid mistakes. Also, contact your retailer to make prompt complaints to get the issue resolved before it is too late.

How To Redeem A Nike Gift Card

  • Visit the Nike official website to create a Nike account
  • Log into your Nike account
  • Navigate the Nike website to select your preferred products for your shopping cart
  • Click on the shopping cart to proceed to the checkout page
  • Enter your gift card or promo code in the section of your checkout page
  • Enter your Nike gift card number and the PIN (where necessary) into the appropriate fields and click on “Apply”
  • The Nike gift card value will be applied to your purchase and your gift card will hold the remaining balance. You can check Nike gift card balance to know the remaining value of your card.
  • You can proceed to pay for your order after entering the required information

Tips On How To Avoid Nike Gift Card Errors In The Future

1. Buy your Nike gift cards at reputable gift card stores or platforms. This is to forestall falling prey to dubious platforms that would scam you of your money in the name of buying and selling gift cards. In this instance, I will suggest Prestmit to you. Prestmit is the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana for all your gift cards. We remain the best site to sell Nike gift cards in Nigeria.

2. Ensure that your Nike gift card is activated before redeeming the card.

3. Enter your Nike gift card code and Pin correctly without missing a digit.

4. Be aware that Nike gift cards have a 19-digit card number and 6-digit Pin. So it must not be more or lesser than these digits.

Additional Resources

You can contact Nike’s customer support team through phone calls and chat, or better still visit a Nike retail store near you.

There are different forums and online communities for Nike gift card users to enable you that an optimum Nike gift card experience. Some of these online communities are Nike Virtual Focus Group and Nike Membership.


Nike gift cards are great gifts to access quality products in Nike stores and its subsidiary stores. When you use the gift card, you can get discounts between 5% to 10% on any of its branded products. But redeeming your Nike gift card in the right way is of the essence to enable you to have a better shopping experience at the Nike store.

Therefore, it is important that get yourself familiar with common Nike gift card errors and some tips on how to resolve them. Should you resolve a Nike gift card error, kindly leave us a comment on how you did it. We will love to hear from you.