Gift cards have changed the art of gifting worldwide, and Nigerians are not left out of this equation. If you are confused about how to redeem a gift card in Nigeria, this article is what you’ve been looking for.

There are many things to worry about in Nigeria, and thinking of a gift that would be suitable for a particular person can be a daunting task. Thankfully, gift cards save potential gifters a lot of contemplation as they put the responsibility of figuring out what gift to get in the hands of the gift receiver.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are debit cards loaded with specific amounts one can use to pay for services or items from stores or online. They were designed specifically for the sake of gift-giving. Some are physical plastic cards, while the others are digital (they exist only online).

When you want to give a family member or friend a gift, you can give them a gift voucher to get whatever they want from their favourite store. Different merchants issue gift cards to make it easier for customers to buy their products or order their services. However, not all issuers sell a typical product or service.

There are two types of gift cards namely;

  • Closed-loop gift cards
  • Open-loop gift cards

Closed loop gift cards are those issued by merchants that offer a specific service or product. This type of voucher can only be used for that merchant. Examples are gift cards from Amazon, Sephora, Steam, etc.

Open-loop gift cards are those ones issued by merchants that specialise in payment services In other words, these are vouchers that function as a multi-merchant debit card. You can use them to access items from different merchants as long as they’re accepted as a means of payment. An example is Visa gift card. Visa is a payment processing company that produces debit/credit cards. Visa cards are accepted almost everywhere In the same vein, a Visa gift card will be accepted by those same merchants.

For you to be able to use your gift card, you must redeem it. Anybody can save their gift cards quickly if they understand what it means.

What Does It Mean to Redeem Your Gift Card?

As was stated earlier, redeeming a gift card refers to the use of the preloaded balance of the gift card. To redeem gift cards means to use the cards to shop from a physical store or online store or to sell them for cash or cryptocurrencies on a secure app. 

There are three significant ways to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria.

  1. Through the card issuer’s physical store.
  2. Redeeming online
  3. Selling for Cash/Cryptocurrency.

Redeeming in a Physical Store

For this to be possible, the card issuer has to have a physical store in Nigeria. For example, Spar has physical stores in Nigeria and issues Gift cards or gift vouchers (they are both the same). If you have a Spar gift card, you can go into their store and shop for what the card can afford, then pay with it over the counter. The cashier will assist you if you do not already know the drill.

Redeeming Online

You can redeem your card online. All you have to do is log into the site or app you want to save from. Go to the save gift card option. Put the gift code in the space created for it, then put in the amount of the item you want to buy. After that, you click redeem.

You can use this method for stores or apps that operate online. A few stores with an app that enable online usage of gift cards include Spar, Shoprite, Google Play Store, iTunes, etc.

Selling For Cash or Cryptocurrency

Do you have a gift card you won’t use or can’t use in Nigeria? You can exchange that card for some Naira. All you need to do is sell it on a platform with the best gift card ratesThis is where Prestmit comes in. On Prestmit, you can sell your gift card for cash.

You can also exchange them for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., However, before you proceed, take note of some factors to consider before selling gift cards in Nigeria.

Tips for Redeeming Gift Cards

  • Ensure that your gift card is still intact. If it is a physical card, check to see if anyone has scratched it prior.
  • Keep an eye on the expiration date to enable take the right course of action if you encounter an error.
  • Do not share your gift card details with anyone. Protect your gift card number and PINs.
  • If you encounter any errors, check the help section of your gift card issuer’s website. If you don’t find help there,  contact the customer support.


There you have it, a guide on how to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria. Gift cards are one of the best ways to give gifts to your loved ones. If you receive one yourself, you can now redeem it through any of the three ways highlighted in this article. Whether it’s an open-loop or closed-loop gift card, any of the methods work.

Ensure you keep your gift card details safe and don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you encounter any errors.