Sometimes, you may be wondering how much that iTunes gift card of yours may be worth now. I understand that it’s a gift from a loved one that you can’t use because you don’t own an Apple device or perhaps, you just don’t want to use it on the iTunes store but prefer to redeem the iTunes gift card for cash, crypto or USDT. Remember that an iTunes gift card is ONLY used to purchase only digital content like movies, music, apps, etc on the iTunes store. This is what makes iTunes gift card different from the Apple Store gift card.

Whatever the case may be, many people are often curious to learn about the money value of the iTunes gift card they possess, in their local currency. This has raised the question of “How Much is iTunes Gift Card in Naira” by many Nigerians. If you have been asking the same question, just grab a cup of coffee and relax because today is your lucky day. You’re on the right platform for the answer to all your questions but before we talk about how much iTunes gift cards cost in Nigeria, let’s talk about how you can redeem iTunes gift cards in Nigeria.

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How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards In Nigeria

We can’t discuss how much the iTunes gift card is worth in Nigerian naira without giving you a tip on how to redeem your iTunes gift card. So, to redeem your iTunes gift card, you must;

  1. First, toss your iTunes gift card and scratch off the coated section above the bar code. The code you will enter at the iTunes store to redeem the card will be revealed. 
  2. Visit the iTunes Store and ensure you have an Apple ID/iTunes account.
  3. Click “Redeem” in the “Account” menu: You’ll find it at the top left of your iTunes page. You may be asked to log into your iTunes account.
  4. Type in the code and click enter. The amount will be credited to your iTunes account balance.


How Much Is iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

This question depends on two major factors which are;

1. The given rate of iTunes gift cards by trading platforms: 

Many trading platforms do not offer the same rates for iTunes gift cards, this variation in the rates may also cause a variation in the price of iTunes gift cards.

2. The given card currency, format, and currency denominations. Eg: USA iTunes physical($100) vs UK iTunes E-code(£50}:

The iTunes gift can either be in a physical card or E-code, both formats have different exchange rates. The physical card format always has a higher rate than the E-code format. Furthermore, the price of iTunes gift cards differs according to currency, USA iTunes gift card is not the same as the UK iTunes gift card.

In essence, there is no valid price for the iTunes gift card in Nigeria, given the above factors but many trading platforms like Prestmit offers the best rate for all brands of the gift card. The rate is calculated automatically, using the most sophisticated automated calculator ad displayed On your screen before execution of the trade.

Currently, the USA iTunes physical gift card($101-$299)is at the rate of 220 on our platform and ranges from N22,280 to N65,780 while the USA iTunes E-code card($101-$500) is at the rate of 210 and ranges from N21,210  to N105,000.

So, there’s no definite answer to this question but the only thing that matters is to sell your iTunes gift cards on reliable,  credible, transparent and trusted trading platforms like Prestmit