Google Play, unarguably houses one of the largest applications in the world. Safe to say, well over half of the population use their Android software in their mobile phones; Google play store. Google Play store is a built-in application in the Android software from where you can install different applications, music, books, videos and shop whatever you want. With Google Play gift cards, accessing and purchasing the content from Google Play store comes easy. 

The popularity and wide acceptance of the Google Play gift card suggests that majority of its users need to know how to check the gift card balance. Knowing your Google Play gift card balance allows you keep track of your spendings and control it, if needs be. Are you one of those looking for how to check your Google play gift card balance? Check this out.

How To Check The Balance On Your Google Play Gift Card Balance Online

1. Use Google Play Store

You can check your Google Play gift card balance on the Google Play Store on your Android device. 

Click on the horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, for a pop-out menu. 

Select “Account” and click on “Payment Methods.” It can be found at the top of the “Account” menu. Your account balance will be revealed at the top of the menu next to “Google Play balance”.

2. Use A Browser

Log on to either on a smartphone or PC and navigate to the main Google Page website.

Sign in if you are not automatically logged in, using your email address and password for your Google account.

Once in, Click on “Account, under the “Devices” option. This reveals your Google Play account balance at the top of the page in the “Payment Methods” section.

Kindly note that your “Google Play” balance and “Google Pay” balance are different. Google Play can only be used to purchase things from the Google Play Store, such as apps, movies, music, etc., while Google Pay can be used to make any purchase anywhere that accepts Google Pay.

Does Google Play Gift Card Have A Refund Policy?

Google Play gift card does not have a refund policy, nor can purchased card be returned.