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How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

It’s always a good idea to check the balance on your gift card from time to time, or before attempting to use it. Are you buying for someone? Have you had it for a while? You are not sure if your gift card is used or not? Do you suspect it has been used? Well, good news, you can always check how much left you have on your eBay gift card without using it.

Below are the procedures to check the balance on your eBay gift card:

  1. Visit the eBay gift card balance checker website
  2. Enter your gift card code. eBay gift card code is a 12-digit numeric code and you will find it on the gift card picture
  3. Click the ‘CHECK BALANCE’ button and the balance on the gift card will be revealed

check ebay balance

Restrictions On eBay Gift Cards 

  1. You cannot use an eBay gift card as a payment method to buy other gift cards
  2. You can use up to 4 different eBay gift cards for a single payment
  3. Once you link your eBay gift card to an account at first use, it cannot be linked to another account again
  4. eBay gift cards can be sold for naira on

That’s the simple procedure to check the balance of any eBay gift card online. Sadly, eBay does not allow any offline or physical method of checking their gift card balance. We believe that the method explained above should be helpful enough for you.


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