The medium to long-term development story of Sweden gift cards is still solid, despite short-term obstacles in 2022. There was an anticipation of significant growth in Sweden gift cards market, but the growth momentum is expected to keep increasing over the time frame, with a CAGR of 6.4% between 2022 and 2026. Therefore, Sweden gift card market will grow from US$1403.7 million in 2021 to US$1937.1 million by 2026.

Customers can easily purchase their preferred gift cards from supermarkets, retail stores, online stores, and malls. However, many people don’t use their gift cards in the stores, and the recipients might not use the cards they were given. Most of the time, they resell them for cash.

Reselling Sweden gift cards for cash can be easy to achieve on gift card trading platforms but there might be posing difficult in having them resell at reasonable prices. Some gift cards can be sold at a high price, while others will not pay you half of their original value due to poor demand for the gift card.

The Sweden gift card market also adheres to the demand and supply theory. When there is a high demand for the gift card and a low supply, the resell value is high; when there is a low demand and an increased supply, the resell value is low.

This article will discuss the top five (5) Sweden gift cards with the highest resell value.

Top 5 Types Of Gift Cards In Sweden Gift Cards With High Rates

1. iTunes or Apple Gift Card

Sweden iTunes gift card

The Sweden iTunes gift card/code is redeemable for various items like apps, music, tv shows, games, movies, etc., on the app store, iTunes store, Mac App Store, and iBook store. Users can watch or listen on a computer device, Mac or PC, and potential customers can quickly access their packages via iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

A redemption number for an iTunes gift card has 16 digits and begins with the letter X. Potential users can access apps, music, games, movies, books, tv shows, and Cloud using the card. Following your purchase, you will get an email confirming delivery immediately.

Moreover, the equivalent of a 100 SEK Sweden iTunes gift card in Nigeria is about 5,700 NGN, while that of 500 SEK is approximately 29,500 NGN.

2. Amazon Gift Card

Sweden Amazon gift card

Amazon is a behemoth retail company that is notable for producing Amazon gift card, one of the most popular gift cards globally. Amazon sells practically everything, so getting an Amazon gift card and not knowing what to buy is impossible. As a result, their gift card is quite adaptable and popular.

This gift card will always be in demand. It is used to buy products from Amazon, both physical and digital. When you return an Amazon gift card for cash, you can get about 92% of the card’s actual value, especially if you have a cash receipt. Meanwhile, the Sweden Amazon gift card is only redeemable in Sweden and not in countries outside its borders. Sweden Amazon gift card ranges from 50 SEK to 1000 SEK denominations.

The equivalents of Sweden Amazon gift card to the Euro (€) are as follows:

  • 100 SEK = €9.00
  • 250 SEK = €23.00
  • 300 SEK = €32.00

3. Åhléns Gift Card

Åhlens Sweden gift card

Åhléns is a popular chain of department stores in Sweden. It has various entertaining, creative, fashionable, and practical goods for the home, beauty, media, and fashion, always emphasising quality.

Given the variety of options available in the stores, a gift card from Åhléns is ideal for most people. You may easily find something appropriate at hléns, regardless of whether your interests are in shopping, watching movies, fashionable clothing, and home décor. The countrywide stores all accept it. From the purchase date, the validity duration is two years.

The Åhléns Sweden gift card is of a denomination as low as 100 SEK, and you can only redeem the gift card in Sweden. Also, while you can buy the card online or in-store, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Litecoin to buy Åhléns gift cards.

4. Zalando Gift Card

Zalando Sweden gift card

Zalando is a gift card with fantastic resell value in Sweden. You can buy new, fashionable clothing as well as brand-new shoes using this type of card. The benefit of using a Zalando gift card is that you can purchase it ahead of time for the amount you require and use it as needed. It’s crucial to note that a gift card of this type is ideal because you won’t need to consider the recipient’s Christmas budget when giving it to them. With a Zalando gift card, you can take your shopping experience, or that of a loved one, to the next level.

Zalando gift card is exclusively redeemable in Sweden and comes in different denominations. They include 50 SEK, 100 SEK, 250 SEK, 500 SEK, and 1,000 SEK. In addition, the rate equivalent of Sweden Zalando in SEK to Euros (€) is as follows:

  • 100 SEK = €9.50
  • 500 SEK = €46.00
  • 1000 SEK = €92.00

5. Bokus Play Gift Card

Bokus Play Sweden gift card

It has a wide variety of books, including everything from young adult fiction to textbooks, making it the ideal gift for readers. The Bokus gift card recipient is sure to find something appropriate there.

You can buy the Bokus gift card with cryptocurrency on supported platforms, enabling you to download audio and ebooks. Often, the Bokus Play gift card rate is estimated concerning a major cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Therefore, the gift card rate is from 1 SEK to 1000 SEK in Bitcoin price equivalent.


There is a variety of Sweden gift cards in the market that you can buy and resell at reasonable rates. However, knowing the redeeming process, expiry dates, and the supported region(s) for the gift card is essential before you trade on a platform.

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