In many cases, gift card buyers in Nigeria look forward to how to sell gift cards in Portugal currency to naira to maximise the value of their gift cards. It harps the prospect of trading gift cards as one of the viable ways to make money. Gift cards are digital assets you can use in place of cash at a particular retailer. These resources make it easier to shop at their brands and give you more options when choosing the most convenient payment method.

The fact that you can only redeem this asset at its branded store is its lone drawback. For instance, you can not use your $100 iTunes gift card to check out your $100 Walmart shopping cart or your eBay gift card to make purchases in Apple Stores. What happens if I have a gift card that I don’t necessarily need or urgently need money? Here is where gift card resale takes off.

How to sell gift cards in Portugal currency to naira

You can quickly sell your gift card in Portugal currency (Euro) in Nigeria, but you must be ready to scratch deeply into the rabbit hole to ensure you trade appropriately.

Why Should I Be Cautious About Where To Sell My Gift Cards?

Given that you are new to gift card trading, it is normal if you are unsure of the gift cards to explore. Several imposters, con artists, and gift card scavengers have penetrated what was first so pure and highly inventive. Sadly, you might not notice that their enterprises are fraudulent on time. If not, nobody would be falling for their ploys. However, your responsibility is to learn about these platforms independently before entrusting them with your gift cards. Let us provide you with a few pointers.

Key Features Every Legit Gift Card Trading Platform Must Possess

1. Good Reviews

Every effective platform ought to have at least one or two buzzing and positive comments surrounding it. Similar to how there is no crime in asking questions, it doesn’t hurt to ask some friends, family, or colleagues whether they have heard of XYZ before trading on a platform.

2. Credible Social Media Presence

A legit social media presence is perhaps one of the essential things gift card users must explore. It is pretty simple to enter the platform’s name into your search box and learn more about it. If they are also validated, it is a bonus. Any medium lacking an online presence should be avoided.

3. Rate Calculator

Using a gift card rate calculator, you may find current rates for all the gift cards traded on the platform. With this, even before trading, you know the price at which you should exchange a gift card.

Top Portugal Gift Cards

1. Portugal iTunes Gift Card

This is the kind of iTunes gift card the Portuguese can use to shop at the Portuguese iTunes Stores. This card lets its users buy movies, books, apps, subscriptions, TV shows, games, etc., directly from the Apple Store. The denomination for the Portugal iTunes gift card includes €10, €15, €25, €50, and €100.

iTunes gift cards are available at a wide range of supermarkets, retail stores, warehouses, convenience stores, and pharmacies throughout Portugal.

2. Euro Steam Gift Card

A Steam gift card is a virtual gift card that, when redeemed, adds a specific amount to your Steam Wallet account. You can buy things from the Steam store using it. For instance, a 100 Euro Steam gift card will instantly send 100 Euros to your Steam account, allowing you to purchase any video game content you like. Euro Steam card denomination ranges from €20 to €500 and can be accessed in Portugal.

Where To Sell Your Gift Card In Portugal Currency To Naira

How to sell gift cards in Portugal currency to naira on Prestmit

Many customers are unaware of the potential of selling gift cards for instant cash. However, there are different gift cards you can sell on the platform. This includes gift cards from Amazon, Steam wallet, Google Play, iTunes, Sephora, and other stores. Customers who are interested in them can be reached at any time.

When you decide to sell your gift card, you’ll need to know how to do it swiftly and efficiently. Selling a gift card on Prestmit is the quickest method to transform it into cash. Because the exchange amount is determined by the popularity of the gift card and the amount of inventory on hand, you are unlikely to receive the total value of your card.

People often try to buy unwanted gift cards on social media, but choosing the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria is critical to avoid being ripped off. As a result, you may confidently exchange your gift cards for cash on Prestmit.

Prestmit is the only recognised and trustworthy platform with this level of commercial value. Prestmit has purchased and sold thousands of gift cards and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

How To Sell Gift Card In Portugal Currency In Naira On Prestmit

1. Create a Prestmit account to get started.

2. Click on “Begin Trade”.

3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and navigate to enter some details.

4. Click on “Category” to indicate the gift card in Portugal currency you want to sell.

5. Select “Gift Card Type” to specify if the card is a physical type or an Ecode.

6. Enter the “Amount” of the gift card.

7. Upload the image of the physical gift card and enter the code of the Ecode in the comment section.

8. Select your preferred payout method to receive your money.


Selling your gift card in Portugal currency to naira can be achievable when you trade on a reliable and secure platform like Prestmit. It is because you can get the best rate for your gift cards.