Gift card trading has become a popular venture in the global society as it is one of the best ways to make money online. But as you can buy and sell your cards through different channels, you may need to know more about trading gift cards on Reddit.

It is common knowledge that gift cards are digital assets of real-time value, making them prepaid cards. As such, they afford you to shop conveniently at supported physical or online stores. That is why gift cards are considered better than regular gifts.

However, you can also start making money from trading gift cards, which can be a hustle outlook for the young generation.

You just need to know where to do this, including certain features to guide your trading decision.

Therefore, this article explores trading gift cards on Reddit by highlighting its pros and cons to give you an understanding of what to expect.

Overview Of Trading Gift Cards Reddit

Trading gift cards on Reddit

Reddit is a social network with a community structure to discuss various topics.

There are different focus group called “subreddit,” in which people joins their community of interest on the network.

Therefore, this website has/are subreddit(s) for gift card users. It enables you to meet new and existing traders to discuss trading cards.

Reddit is a peer-to-peer (P2P) that connects gift card sellers with buyers to complete the trade.

That is why many people resort to this website to buy or sell their cards immediately – as it is believed that there is a ready buyer or seller on the platform.

As interesting as trading gift cards on Reddit may sound, it is essential to understand the intricacies of the website as it relates to some of its benefits and challenges.

Pros Of Trading Gift Cards On Reddit

These are the perks to buying or selling your gift cards on Reddit, which you can find plausible.

1. Wide Range Of Gift Cards Available For Trading

You can find hundreds of gift cards traders want to buy or sell on the platform. This makes your trade seamless and fast, as you do not have to wait long to find a market for your preferred card.

Aside from the gift cards from popular brands like Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Steam, or Sephora, you can always find local and international cards on Reddit.

It gives you almost an endless possibility to access any type of gift card.

2. Potential For Significant Savings

This is a major benefit for gift card buyers as Reddit users sell cards at prices lower than their face value.

Therefore, you will be saving more while buying from Reddit card sellers, and you can even use the saved funds to purchase another card.

On the other hand, gift card sellers on Reddit can decide to inflate the prices of their cards, as they may be lucky to find buyers at a high price.

Trading on the platform always underscores the discretionary measures of buyers and sellers.

For instance, you can buy gift cards with about 50% off the face value of the card. Users may decide to sell the card quickly, knowing that a reduced price will increase buyers’ interest.

3. Access To Deals And Promotions

Active participation in vibrant subreddits that are associated with gift card exchange gives traders access to flash sales and special promotions.

This is common among the communities on Reddit, such that you tend to buy your gift card when an urgent sale comes up, and being in the group qualifies you for the purchase.

You may find a 50% flash sale or discount that is valid for a certain time. Therefore, this enables you to trade at the best prices.

Cons Of Trading Gift Cards On Reddit

1. Vulnerability To Scammers


Reddit is a hotbed for gift card scammers deploying different tactics to defraud people.

This is because the platform is full of legit and fraudulent individuals, so it may be difficult to spot gift card scammers on Reddit.

However, it is advisable for subreddit moderators to establish the credibility and reliability of the gift card trader before they complete the exchange.

2. No Guarantee And Buyer Protection

Reddit is poorly regulated, so trading on the platform is not guaranteed. Tracing and recovering stolen gift card funds is almost difficult, so you can not track a gift card trader on Reddit.

There is no buyer protection that can enable you to ask for a refund in the case of buying a fake gift card or the seller not sending you the card after purchase.

That is why you must ensure to take your time and know the person you are trading with on Reddit. This prevents a possible loss of funds to a fraudulent trader.

3. Difficult To Know The Authenticity And Value Of Gift Cards

There is no avenue to confirm the authenticity of gift cards on Reddit. This is in converse to physical gift card stores or other reputable resellers.

The virtual nature of Reddit puts you at risk of losing funds if you fall into the hands of malicious sellers.

Alternative To Trading Gift Cards On Reddit

Trading gift cards on Reddit


While Reddit is a good place to trade your gift cards, you may need to be wary of scammers lurking on the platform. This also includes the lack of protection for your trade.

In light of this, Prestmit is a great alternative as it offers a range of benefits that solve the lingering challenges on Reddit.

From advanced security to a user-friendly interface and from the best gift card prices to low trading fees – Prestmit gives you an excellent gift card trading experience. That is why it is one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria.

Prestmit is available for download on the Google Play Store or Apple Store, with scores of cards to trade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Trade Gift Card For Cash On Reddit?

Yes, you can trade gift cards for cash on Reddit. But you may need to have a PayPal account. This is not only cash; you can exchange your card for cryptocurrency on the platform.

You just need to find an interested buyer for the preferred payment method.

Is Gift Card Trading Safe On Reddit?

Gift card trading is not safe on Reddit. This is due to the proliferation of scammers on the platform scheming devious means to defraud people. Also, Reddit lacks buyer protection, putting your funds at risk.

Therefore, you must ensure to be patient to know how and who you trade with on the platform.

Are There Trading Fees On Reddit?

There are no trading fees on Reddit, as it is a P2P platform for gift card traders.

Therefore, you are trading directly with a gift card user, not the platform. It is because of this feature that some people prefer trading there.

Do I Need An Account To Trade Gift Cards On Reddit?

Yes, you need a Reddit account to start trading on the platform. This makes you eligible to explore its functionality to trade your cards optimally.


People continue to enter the gift card market for varying purposes. One such is for trading, which involves buying and selling gift cards. But, due to many platforms to carry out this trade, Reddit is one popular place for gift card users.

However, it is important to know the features of this platform, especially its drawbacks, to guide your trading decision.