Gift cards are a buzzword that is catching some trend amongst the youth population, especially Gen Z, who are the most digitally enlightened population in Africa, and even globally. But you must know where to buy gift cards in Kenya to enable you to use the digital asset for varying intended purposes.

Although gift cards have been with us for quite some time, their flexibility of use and the value it holds make them nuanced to other gifts we have found around. So as the name implies, “gift cards” are in form of cards that can serve as gifts for their recipient.

What Is A Gift Card?

Where to buy gift cards in Kenya

A gift card is a prepaid card of stored value that can be used at a retail store or make payments in some financial institutions. Gift cards exist in two forms, namely, physical and digital forms. A physical gift card is a rectangular plastic or paper card that you can get from a physical or online retail store while you receive a digital card via email with the PIN of the card.

Retail companies or business brands are the ones that issue gift cards to enable their teeming customers to access their products or content conveniently. But you can buy these gift cards in Kenya to meet your needs, as the case may need, although the needs vary according to the usefulness of gift cards in Kenya.

Importance Of Gift Cards In Kenya

1. Shop Conveniently

Gift cards enable you to have a simple and easy shopping experience in such a way that you can make purchases for different products using your card at the official store of the gift card you are holding. For instance, you can use an Amazon gift card to access products on the Amazon store while you are in Kenya.

Also, some local gif cards in Kenya enable you to redeem the card and get products at the official local store of the gift card.

2. Resell The Gift Card For Cash

You can resell the gift card you buy if you change your mind about redeeming the card for your personal use at its official store. It is noteworthy that gift cards are one of the ways of making money, but this is only valid for selling gift cards for cash.

As earlier stated, gift cards are better than other types of gifts because of the value they hold. So gift cards are never a waste if you decide to sell them within their validity period. If you think of the best site to sell gift cards, consider Prestmit.

Types Of Gift Cards Available In Kenya

In similitude to the availability of gift cards in other climes, they exist in two types, which are local and international gift cards.

1. Local Gift Cards

These are gift cards issued by local stores in Kenya to enable their customers to have access to its varying wide range of products (at discounted prices) in Kenya. The local gift cards in Kenya are gift cards are in Kenya Shilling (Ksh), which is the local currency in Kenya. This means that you may not be able to use these gift cards outside Kenya.

Local gift cards available in Kenya include a Game gift card, Nuria Kenya gift card, Blooming Flowers gift card, Thirsty Oak gift card, Turn Up Travels gift card, Suave Kenya gift card, etc.

2. International Gift Card

These are gift cards that are widely accepted in the international market. What this means is that you can use international gift cards outside the shore of Kenya to make purchases and access different content on the official store of the brand that issues the gift card. Unlike the currency of local gift cards in Kenya which is in Kenyan Shilling, international gift cards are in foreign currency, most of which are in US dollars, British pounds, or Euros.

Examples of international gift cards available in Kenya are Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Steam gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Nike gift cards and whatnot.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Kenya

Regardless of the type of gift cards you want to buy in Kenya (local or international gift cards), you can buy gift cards either from online gift card stores or physical stores. Therefore, it is at your discretion to choose the option that best suits you.

Online Gift Card Stores

These are online marketplaces at which you can buy gift cards in Kenya. These platforms may not necessarily be gift card trading platforms, but they are online stores that are available for all kinds of products.

1. Jumia

Where to buy gift cards in Kenya

Jumia is the biggest online marketplace in Africa at which you can buy different products that range from groceries to electronics. You can also buy gift cards on Jumia via JumiaPay, which is a portal on the Jumia store that sells a variety of local and international gift cards in Kenya.

2. Masoko

This is a leading online store for mobile devices and accessories in Kenya. You can buy products like mobile phones, smart wristwatches, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers on Masoko. In addition, you can buy your favourite gift card at this store in Kenya.

Physical Stores

1. Nakumatt

Nakumatt is East Africa’s leading supermarket chain with over 40 stores across the subcontinent. As a physical form of Amazon store in East Africa, you can buy a variety of products from the store, and not forgetting that you can also buy gift cards from Nakumatt.

2. Tuskys

Tuskys is a Kenyan supermarket chain, with subsidiaries in Kenya and Uganda. You can buy both local and international gift cards from the store in Kenya. Some of the gift cards you can buy from Tuskys are Apple gift cards, Roblox gift cards, eBay gift cards, GameStop gift cards, Visa gift cards, etc.

3. Naivas

Naivas is a Kenyan supermarket chain with over 80 stores across Kenya. You can buy products like electronics, fresh food, liquor, and health and beauty products from Naivas. This store is also dubbed the physical store in which you can buy different types of gift cards in Kenya.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gift Card Retailer In Kenya

1. Gift Card Availability

There is a need to know the type of gift card available at a retail store before buying from the store. This is because some retailers may be selling only local or international gift cards while others may have a few gift cards available in their stores. Therefore, this will inform your decision to buy from the retailer on the condition that your preferred gift card is available in the retail store.

2. Gift Card Price

The price of gift cards is not fixed across space and time in Kenya. So you must shop for your gift card the same way you shop for other products by doing a price survey of buying from the retailer that sells at the best price.

For instance, a retailer may be selling a $100 iTunes gift card for Ksh 15,000 while another store may be selling the same gift card for over Ksh 16,000. This should inform your decision of buying from the retailer that gives you the best price of Ksh 15,000.

3. Payment Options

You need to put the payment option into good consideration when buying gift cards from retailers in Kenya. The best payment options for buying gift cards are through bank transfers and credit card payments, but anything outside these two may not be safe to use.

4. Delivery Options

When you buy gift cards from retailers, you are provided with the of receiving the gift cards at the physical store or via your email. Therefore, consider the best delivery option that will suit your need. While some retailers do not deliver gift cards electronically, others do both physical and email delivery.

What Are The Tips For Buying Gift Cards In Kenya?

1. Compare Prices

Price comparison is very important when you want to buy gift cards in Kenya. This is where it is best to buy your gift card from online stores because you can easily navigate different gift card trading platforms to have a price overview of their gift cards.

This enables you to get the best price for your gift card without feeling cheated. So don’t be lazy to settle for just a price you see on an online marketplace. Explore different prices while reviewing customers’ feedback on the trading platform.

2. Check The Gift Card Expiration Date

Most gift cards have a validity period within which you must use the gift card. Check how long the gift card will be valid before buying the card. There are some gift cards, especially local gift cards that are valid for 30 days while some international gift cards are valid for 12 months.

3. Read The Terms And Conditions

You must understand the terms and conditions of using your preferred gift card before making purchases. It is common knowledge that you must activate your international gift card before redeeming it and it is also not transferable. Endeavour to painstakingly read the terms of use to avoid losing your gift card.

4. Keep The Receipt

It is imperative to keep the receipt of your gift card after purchase. This is to forestall the possible loss of your gift card in the event of a complaint. Receipts are a testament to your purchase, so where you do not have a receipt, it is difficult to lay claim to the ownership of the gift card when a conflict of ownership arises.


Gift cards are great digital assets to own and you can buy them from both online and physical stores in Kenya. But it is important to compare prices, payment and delivery options before you proceed to buy your gift card from a retailer in Kenya.

We can not overemphasize the benefits of buying a gift card in Kenya but it is also advisable to buy your gift card from a reputable platform like Prestmit.