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How to sell Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira or Mobile Money

Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury department stores, also operating in Canada. The gift cards are redeemable at physical stores and online at

Known for being a gift card for fashion and accessories, the Nordstrom gift card has been a choice gift card for fashion and accessories enthusiasts. Nordstrom Gift Cards neither expire, nor have extra fees. Who wouldn’t own a Nordstrom gift card? Its ease of use, however, may be impeded as a result of certain factors. Prominent amongst them is the country of the Nordstrom gift card holder.

Are you in Nigeria or Ghana and you have a Nordstrom gift card with you? If you don’t go about using it the right way, it could turn out useless to you. One, gift card as a payment method is yet to be widely accepted. Two, you have limited options on goods you could purchase with it. However, there are ways around using your Nordstrom gift card in Nigeria and Ghana. Here are few things you could do with your Nordstrom Gift Card, irrespective of the country you are in.

What to Do With Nordstrom Gift Card

Regift it: If your card is in good condition inside and out (no partial balances!), you can thoughtfully re-gift it to someone else. You may not like to shop at Nordstrom, but for someone who does, that unused gift card cluttering your desk drawer will soon be happily spent.

Donate it: Even if your card has a partial balance, most charities will happily accept it.

Sell it for Mobile Money (MOMO) : In recent years, a bunch of websites have sprung up that buy and sell gift cards at a discount, in Nigeria and Ghana. Buyers can save a little money on gift cards for gifts or purchase goods and services. Sellers can convert their cards to cash to use however they’d like. Prestmit is one of the platforms where you can sell Nordstrom gift card for Mobile Money, whether you are in Nigeria or Ghana. You get near face value of your card, within few minutes.

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How to Sell Nordstrom Gift Card for Mobile Money on Prestmit

The first step to trading on Presmit app is to download Prestmit Gift Card Trading App on android or click here for iPhone.

Click on ‘Start Trade’ and select ‘Sell Gift Card’.

Fill in the necessary details of the card, category and the type of gift card you want to trade.