Gift card trading is becoming more popular among digital trading-savvy individuals in Kenya. Most people either swap gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency. Since the most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, it’s reasonable that one would want to sell gift vouchers for Bitcoin in Kenya.

So, that’s what we’ll discuss in this article – how to sell gift cards for Bitcoin in Kenya.

Understanding Gift Card Trading In Kenya

Most companies that issue gift cards usually state that the voucher cannot be redeemed for cash at their stores. But the reality is that sometimes, we receive gift cards that we do not want or use, especially in Africa. So it’s a relief to hear that you can sell gift cards for Bitcoin or cash in Kenya, Ghana or Nigeria.

Gift card trading refers to exchanging gift cards for cash, cryptocurrency, or other gift tokens. This system is one of the ways to put unused or unwanted gift cards to good use. Usually, digital trading platforms facilitate this trade. It’s a very convenient, practical solution that eliminates unused voucher credit.

What Gift Cards Can You Trade for Bitcoin in Kenya?

In Kenya, certain popular gift cards can fly for Bitcoin exchange, and they are as follows.

  • Amazon Gift Card

The Amazon gift card is very popular in Kenya and is in high demand. It’s a voucher that will always get off the metaphorical shelves, and the demand provides the availability of customers willing to trade in Bitcoin.

  • Google Play Gift Card

Google gift cards are well-known everywhere, including in Kenya. With these cards, one can access various apps, books, and movies and even pay for subscriptions. So, there’s a demand for it in Kenya, and the potential buyers would happily trade with Bitcoin on the right platforms.

  • Steam Gift Card

Steam is the game enthusiast’s gift card. You’ll be surprised to learn that Kenyan gamers are ready to trade their Bitcoin for a Steam card.

  • Apple Gift Card

Apple users will always need credit for various purposes. It’s one of the most popular gift cards in Kenya. According to Statista, about 4% of mobile phone users use an iPhone, which translates to about 2 million users. So, best believe you’ll find people willing to exchange their Bitcoin for your Apple gift card.

The most significant upside to selling your gift cards for Bitcoin is that it’s one of the ways to on-ramp. Imagine using what you have to get something that could rake in a considerable profit.

Another benefit of trading for gift cards for Bitcoin is having cryptocurrency to buy other gift vouchers or even carry out other transactions. Depending on the value of your gift vouchers, the cryptocurrency may or may not be substantial for other trades or investments, but it’s a great place to start.

Finding a Reliable Gift Card Platform

Now that you’re convinced there’s a market for unused or unwanted gift tokens in Kenya. Let’s find the best platforms to facilitate this type of trade.

Here are 3 amazing platforms on which you can sell gift cards for Bitcoin in Kenya.

  • Prestmit
  • Paxful
  • Coin Cola

1. Prestmit

best platform to sell gift cards for bitcoin in Kenya

Prestmit is the best gift card trading platform you’ll find online.

You can sell most of the popular and even less popular gift cards for Bitcoin in Kenya and Nigeria. All you have to do is sign up for account to start trading. You’ll receive your payment within minutes! Some of the features are as follows.

– Low trading fees

– Very high security.

– Supports all major gift cards

– Easy to use

– 24/7  customer service

2. Paxful

sell gift cards for bitcoin in Kenya

Paxful is another excellent alternative that allows you to sell your gift cards, both popular and unpopular ones. Paxful thrives in bitcoin trade and is a good alternative if you want to save your bitcoin in a custodial wallet afterwards. See some features below.

– Zero trading fees.

– Strong security.

– The account comes with a Bitcoin wallet.

– Platform supports major and minor gift cards.

3. Coin Cola

sell gift cards for bitcoin in Kenya

Coin Cola allows its users to trade gift cards for Bitcoin using their Buy BTC feature. So if you want to use this platform, you’ll select the Buy BTC option. The platform says it is equivalent to selling your gift vouchers for Bitcoin. Check out some of its features.

– Zero trading fees

– Strong security.

– Platform supports fiat trade for crypto and gift cards as well as crypto-crypto exchange.

How to Choose the Right Platform for Gift Card Trading

  1. Check for the availability of gift cards
  2. Confirm if the platform supports gift card trading with crypto.
  3. Check for customer reviews.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin: Step-by-step Process.

Here are the steps to selling your gift cards to Bitcoin on your chosen platform.

  1. Create an account on the platform.
  2. Provide the necessary information to verify your account.
  3. Upload the gift card details. Select Bitcoin as your preferred payment method.
  4. Confirm the transaction and receive your Bitcoin in your wallet.

Best Practices on How to Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Kenya

To successfully sell your gift cards in Kenya, follow these safety precautions, tips and hacks for rainy days.

Safety Precautions When Trading

  • Ensure you’ve chosen a credible platform.
  • Carry out your trades on your own devices.
  • Use strong peculiar passwords that will prevent anyone else from trading your gift cards without your consent.
  • If you’re trading on a p2p platform, trade with trusted holders only.
  • Use an escrow service if the platform does not make provisions for one

Tips to Maximise Your Profit and Minimise Risks

  • Carry out some research to know the current rates of your gift card.
  • Choose a trader with good trading history.
  • Report any suspicious requests or behaviour to the customer service team of your chosen trading platform.

How to Manage Disputes During the Gift Card Trading Process

  • Use an escrow service to promote transparency if the buyer is not confident that the trade is legit.
  • Ensure you can prove that you own the gift card.
  • Contact customer care to intervene if the issue escalates beyond your control.

FAQs on How to Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoin in Kenya

Q:  Can I sell gift cards in Kenya?

A: Yes. You can sell your gift cards for Bitcoin or cash in Kenya. As long as you have all the card details and it is moderately popular, buyers will be willing to trade with you for crypto or cash.

Q: Where can I sell gift cards for Bitcoin Kenya?

A: Gift card trades take place mainly on P2P trading platforms. You can find some of these platforms online, such as Paxful and Coin Cola.

Q: What gift cards are acceptable in Kenya?

A: Several gift cards are acceptable in Kenya, but only the most popular gift cards have ready buyers willing to trade with Bitcoin. The most common brand vouchers can sell for Bitcoin in Kenya are Amazon, American Express, GooglePlay, Steam, VISA, Apple and iTunes gift cards.

Q:  How can I sell gift cards in Kenya?

A: To sell your gift cards in Kenya, you must create an account on one platform that facilitates this type of trade. Afterwards, the process is relatively simple. If required, you set a seller profile and wait for buyers to initiate a trade. You may also initiate an exchange with a Bitcoin seller looking to be paid with your particular gift cards.


Gift cards are pretty standard in today’s clime. So if you have a card you don’t plan on using, you can simply sell your gift cards for Bitcoin. If you live in Kenya or need a platform that supports trade from the country, many of them are trustworthy.

Trading gift cards for Bitcoin could be the investment opportunity you’ve been searching for, especially if you want to break into crypto.

Ensure you choose a credible platform and avoid disputes as much as possible by being transparent. Save yourself the heartache of being scammed by using an escrow service or verifying the authenticity of your potential trade partner. Now, go on and get rid of those cards from your wallet.