So, you have a Walmart gift card and need to sell it. The first question you’ll have is, how much is a $200 Walmart gift card?

Gift cards are not new to Nigerians. Many people receive them as gifts from friends and family abroad or even employers. Gift vouchers help bridge the payment gap in Nigeria because of the ban placed on debit cards by the Central Bank of Nigeria. One such voucher is a Walmart gift card.

Walmart is a major retail outlet in the United States, consisting of many hypermarkets and grocery and department stores. It stocks almost everything, from food to gadgets, home appliances, or computers. With a Walmart gift card, Nigerians can access any item sold in Walmart and pay for the item without any hassles.

But there are instances where you own a Walmart voucher and do not need it. That’s why today, we’ll show you how to find out how much a $200 Walmart gift card costs in Naira.

Overview Of Walmart Gift Vouchers

A Walmart gift card is a preloaded debit card you can use to make purchases from the Walmart store online or in any of the physical store locations. Walmart issues it as a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Usually, they come in denominations of $20 to $500. 

You can buy a Walmart gift voucher from the Walmart store online or from approved vendors online. Among the top sites to buy gift cards online, Prestmit leads in speed, security, convenience and favourable rates/prices.

How Much is a $200 Walmart Gift Card in Naira?

Walmart gift card

If you’re asking this question, you most likely are looking to sell your Walmart gift card in Nigeria. Gift card rates differ on different platforms. It’s not advisable to rely on the Dollar-naira exchange rate because the going rate to sell a Walmart gift card may not be proportional to the price of other us. However, to determine the rates, you’ll have to check the platform on which you intend to sell your gift card. 

Using Prestmit as an example, a $200 Walmart gift card goes for 86,000 naira. This is the going rate as seen on the Prestmit Rate Calculator at the time of writing. 

Note that the value of a Walmart gift card in naira changes with the change in exchange rate. But the exchange rate won’t directly impact the prices of gift cards when you sell.

Some factors that can affect the value of Walmart gift cards in Naira include demand, overall exchange rate, and denomination of the gift card.

Where to Sell a $200 Walmart Gift Card

Many digital trading platforms allow users to trade their gift cards for cash or crypto. For the P2P platforms, you can create a sell offer or accept another user’s.

But there’s a platform that makes the entire process even easier. You also get high rates depending on the market per time. With Prestmit, you can sell your Walmart gift card in minutes. Here’s to do it.

How to Sell Your $200 Walmart Gift Voucher on Prestmit

  • Visit the website or download the Prestmit app on either the Play Store or App Store.
  • Register for an account or sign in if you’re an existing user.
  • On your dashboard, select Sell Gift Cards. Then, under Gift Card Category, select Walmart gift card.
  • Fill in the other required fields, including the gift card subcategory and amount. 
  • Choose Naira as your payout method. The rates will be displayed at the bottom of the page.  
  • Upload images of your gift card and click Proceed.
  • You will receive your cash in your Prestmit Naira wallet. Afterwards, you’ll be able to withdraw the cash to your bank account or use it to carry out other transactions on the platform if you wish.


Walmart gift cards are issued by Walmart. They come in denominations of $20 to $500, enabling holders to buy goods from Walmart. However, not everyone will want to use their gift card for shopping.

So, if you’re in Nigeria and intend to sell your Walmart gift card, you’ll want to know how much a $200 Walmart gift card is in Naira. First, you must choose a platform to trade the voucher. We recommend Prestmit for speedy, secure and profitable transactions.

Using the Prestmit Rate Calculator, a $200 Walmart gift card is N86,000 at the time of writing. Ensure you check the rates before you trade. Then, download the app to get started.