Trying to send someone a gift card in Algeria? One crucial factor to consider when sending someone a gift voucher is if they can get good money if they decide to sell it. Try sending popular vouchers in Algeria with high resale value. Here’s what we mean.

Gift cards as an option for gift-giving changed the game for individuals, corporations and the issuing retailers. They’ve made it super convenient to appreciate, reward or incentivise people by allowing them to get what they want when they want. However, all gift cards are not created equal. This applies to gift cards everywhere, including Algeria. So when you decide to buy a gift voucher for someone in Algeria, consider the rate if it is to be sold.

In this article, we will discuss 5 popular Algerian gift cards with high resale value.

Gift Cards in Algeria With High Resale Value

The following are Algerian gift cards that have a high resale value.

  • Visa
  • Amazon
  • Algérie Poste
  • Cevital
  • Amex
  • Target
  • Walmart

1. Visa gift card

gift card in Algeria

Visa gift card is one of the gift cards with the highest rates when reselling. Because it is a versatile card accepted by several merchants as a means of payment, it’s a very sought-after gift card. Visa is a popular brand in Algeria, and most residents and citizens who live in the country would gladly buy a Visa gift card.

You can sell Visa gift cards for cash or Bitcoin on any digital trading platform. You can buy one from a gift card store in Algeria, especially online platforms.

2. Amazon

Amazon gift card in Algeria

Unsurprisingly, Amazon gift cards have a high resale value in Algeria. It will sell at a high rate in most countries because it’s also one of the most popular versatile gift cards.

Amazon is an e-marketplace where shoppers can buy almost anything. A gift voucher from this retailer can be useful to anyone, and that’s a contributing factor to how high its resale rate is.

You can sell an Amazon gift card in Algeria at a high rate on digital trading platforms, receive payment in cash (USD), and convert it to Algerian dinar. And if you prefer Crypto, you can sell the gift card for Bitcoin or USDT on Prestmit.

3. Algérie Poste

Algerie Poste gift voucher

Algérie Poste is another versatile high-value Algerian gift card that is used to make payments for goods and services across different retail stores in the country.

One striking feature of this voucher is that it can also be used to purchase items internationally. This means it’s quite useful for trips and therefore will fetch good rates should an owner decide to resell.

4. Cevital

Cevital is an Algerian gift voucher that serves for payment of goods and services from various stores, supermarkets and businesses across the country. Think of it as the Algerian version of Visa or Mastercard. It’s accepted by many businesses in Algeria.

Cevital gift voucher allows users to purchase groceries, appliances and cosmetics. You can buy one from the website or retailers online. You can also buy it in physical stores. An added advantage of this gift card is that holders can reload it at ATMs or via the Cevital app. This makes it a very valuable voucher with a high resale value.

5. Amex gift card

AMEX gift card

American Express or Amex gift cards are like Visa gift cards. These brands are not associated with any particular product. Amex makes payment cards, whether gift cards, debit or credit cards. For this reason, an Amex gift card in Algeria will sell at reasonable rates, higher than other gift cards.

Amex gift cards are accepted by multiple brands, so even if a recipient does not have use for it, someone else will. Amex gift cards sell out fast, which is one factor that gives it a high resale value.

4. Target gift card

Target gift voucher

Target is a large retail corporation that comprises a hypermarket and department stores. Like Amazon, a wide range of products is available for purchase at Target, and anyone in Algeria can shop there. A Target gift card will have a high resale rate in Algeria.

Even if the voucher can only be used to shop for products from Target, chances are high that whatever a holder wants, whether it’s electronics, apparel, food items, books, etc., they’ll find it there. This is what the gift card sells and resells quickly and at juicy rates.

5. Walmart gift card

Walmart gift voucher

Walmart is another top-rated American department store. They stock numerous products, including home appliances and supplies, furniture, cooking and cookware, clothing, school supplies, food items, gadgets, etc. A Walmart gift card in Algeria will fly off the shelf because the store does not offer only one product. Anyone can use a Walmart gift voucher, which is why it has a high resale value.

You can buy a Walmart gift card on digital platforms like Prestmit. You can also sell it there for Bitcoin or USDT.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Algeria

If you’ve decided to buy any of these gift cards for friends in Algeria, you must know where to purchase them. Here’s where you can buy gift cards in Algeria.

  1. Online digital trading platforms

Digital trading platforms allow you to trade gift cards and other digital assets online. An example is Prestmit, an online digital trading platform where you can buy and sell gift cards with/for Bitcoin.

  1. Physical gift card stores in Algeria

You can also walk into physical stores like Carrefour and Geant that sell gift items, including vouchers. Since the gift cards on our list are very popular, you should find them easily in most retail gift card stores in Algeria.

  1. From the Issuing Retailers

You can buy gift cards directly from the retailers. For example, you can buy an Amazon gift card in Algeria on the Amazon website. You’ll receive your voucher via email or have it shipped to you.

Remember that despite picking a gift card with high resale value, it’s also essential to pick something that matches your recipient’s preferences if possible. Other factors to remember when buying vouchers are expiration date and versatility. That’s why the gift cards in this article are perfect choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there gift card in Algeria?

A: Yes, there are gift cards in Algeria, and you can buy them online or from shops around the country.

Where can I buy gift card in Algeria?

A: You can buy gift vouchers in Algeria from retail stores like Carrefour, Geant and City Centre. You can also buy them online from the issuing merchants themselves.

Is Steam card available in Algeria?

A: Yes, Steam gift cards are available in Algeria. You can purchase them from retailers both online and offline. They’re quite popular, so gift shops will have them in stock.

Where can I buy iTunes card in Algeria?

A: You can get an iTunes voucher directly on their website or from a vendor online or offline.

How do I buy gift cards online in Algeria?

A: To buy a gift card online in Algeria, visit the retailer’s website, e.g. Prestmit. Sign up for an account and navigate to the buying section. Follow the prompt to initiate a buying transaction. Choose the method of payment you’ll prefer. Some platforms accept payment in dollars; others accept crypto. Select the gift card you want and specify the number. Input the denomination and follow the prompt to complete your payment.


Buying or receiving a gift card is one thing, but what do you do with unwanted gift cards? You sell them. If you want to buy a gift card for someone, ensure it’s a popular one with enticing resale rates. That way, your recipient can trade it if they want and still get good money for it. Some popular gift cards in Algeria with high resale rates are Visa, Amazon, Walmart, Amex and Target.

You can purchase any of them online or offline from retailers. When buying or selling, choose a reliable platform to avoid falling prey to scammers selling already redeemed gift vouchers.