visa gift card balanceA Visa gift card is one of those special types of gift cards like American Express and Mastercard gift cards. The similarity between these cards is that they can be used on several platforms and stores that accept them. These kinds of gift cards are called Open Loop gift cards. So if you are in Ghana and you possess a Visa gift card you are in your right to enter any store that accepts Visa cards and make payment with them. But there is one step you must take before using your Visa gift card in order to avoid stories that touch. You must check your Visa gift card balance so you are not left embarrassed when the cashier tells you “Sorry sir/ma, you have insufficient funds”.

Before you transact any business, you have to be sure your cash is sufficient for the transaction. So why treat a Visa gift card transaction differently? This is why it’s important to know how to check your Visa gift card balance in Ghana. Before we get to the main topic let us see why Visa gift cards are so special. 

Benefits Of Visa Gift Cards

Visa has been in the game of providing payment solutions since 1958 through debit, credit and gift cards. The financial institution has gathered enough experience over the years to keep their consumers coming back. When you use a Visa card you will enjoy the benefits which every Visa card offers its users.

These benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Just like every other gift card you can buy whatever you want with it. 
  2. It allows you to shop from almost any store which eases stress. This feature makes your gift card operate like a debit card apart from the fact that it can’t be used to withdraw cash.
  3. Using a Visa gift card is not brain tasking, anybody can use it. Just hand it over to the cashier during payment and they will do the needful.
  4. In a situation where your card was stolen or misplaced, the cards can be replaced.
  5. Because Visa cards are accepted in a number of countries worldwide it makes it convenient for regular globetrotters.

Apart from redeeming gift items from stores, Visa gift cards can also be sold for cash or crypto. 

How To Sell Your Visa Gift Card For Cash Or Crypto In Ghana

According to, research by Mercator Advisory Group showed that 3% of the gift cards were not redeemed in 2020. In 2019 $3 billion worth of gift cards were also not redeemed. This is why people need outlets to sell their unused gift cards. 

Gift card exchange companies like have made it possible for consumers to sell their cards. Here is a step by step guide on how to sell your Visa gift card on Prestmit at high rates:

  • Create an account on the platform.
  • Log in to your account 
  • Click in “START TRADE”
  • Select “SELL GIFT CARDS”
  • Fill in the required details
  • If it’s Cedis you want as payment then choose Cedis as your Payment Method.
  • If it’s crypto you want, then you can select the currency you want as a payment method. E.g bitcoins, USDT or Dogecoin.

This whole process just takes minutes. Before trading, you need to know your balance so you are sure of what your payment should be.

How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance In Ghana

You can check your Visa gift card balance by calling the toll free customer support line. The phone number can be found at the back of the card. 

You can check your balance online by visiting the website you bought the card from. Filling your card details on the wrong platform can cost you your card so you need to be careful. 

Here is a list of secure online platforms where you can check your Visa gift card balance:


You need your gift card number and 3 digits security number to check your balance on these platforms. Have no fear; fill in those numbers and discover how much money you have to spend.

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