Gift cards are originally made to help gifters give their loved ones the perfect gift. But thanks to gift card exchange platforms the gift oriented cards are also used to redeem cash or Cryptocurrency. However, gift card traders are always wary about trading their gift cards at low rates. This is why people do their research before picking a platform to trade on. As a newbie, one will be confused as to how to pick a platform that buys at high rates. This is why this post was created. To help newcomers discover how to check gift card rates online, before trading on any platform.

Why You Must Know Your Gift Card Rates Before Trading

There are two major reasons why checking your gift cards rates before selling is important and they are:

1. To Know The Best Gift Card Rates

It helps you know the selling price of all kinds of gift cards on a particular platform. Therefore allows you to compare prices on different platforms in order to know the one with the highest rates.

2. It Helps You Keep Track Of Changing Prices

Gift prices fluctuate for different reasons including exchange rates. Checking rates before trading will always let you know the current prices

No one wants to make less when they can make more, so checking gift card rates is a necessity. But the big question is, how do you check the rates?

How To Check Gift Card Rates Online

Different gift card exchange company’s buy gift cards at different rates and the only way to find out each platform’s price is by using a Rate Calculator.

What Is A Rate Calculator?

A rate calculator enables the user to know the gift card rates on a platform. A good gift card trading platform should have one because they are like a price list on the platform. 

How To Use a Rate Calculator

An average rate calculator usually has 4 options you must fill to know your gift card rates in both fiat cash and cryptocurrency. they are:

  • Gift Card Category

This is the brand of gift card you want to sell. E.g Amazon, Target, Sephora etc.

  • Gift Card Subcategory 

Under the Subcategory option, you are expected to fill in the subcategory of the brand of gift card you selected. An example of this is the USA Amazon gift card. 

  • Amount

This refers to the amount of prepaid money on the gift cards you want to sell. E.g $100, $250 etc. once you type this in you should see the amount in whatever currency you selected in the next option below.

  • Payment Method

The payment method is the currency you want to be paid in. E.g Naira, Cedis, Bitcoins etc.

It’s obvious that whatever gift cards are used for it puts smiles on people’s faces. But if you sell for the wrong rates you will definitely not smile as wide as you suppose to. So check and compare rates before trading.