The world is changing so fast and I love the fact that Africans are not sleeping on any of the technological and financial evolution.

Gift Cards are rapidly gaining traction in the fintech world today such that traditional debit cards are becoming a joke to many. 

The advantages of Gift Cards are numerous but can’t be compared to that of owning the king of digital currencies, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not just a digital currency which can be used for the purchase of goods and services, it is also a good investment asset which is worth investing in.

The main concern for many is how to get their hands on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency as many believe Bitcoin can only be purchased from crypto exchanges with fiat money. However, this may be the conventional way of buying Bitcoin but this is not the only way to create a Bitcoin portfolio and start investing.

Do you know you can convert those Gift Cards you get from friends and families to Bitcoin wherever you are in Cameroon? You don’t need to convert your Central African Franc(XAF) to Dollars to be able to buy Bitcoins.

Just turn in any brand of Gift Card of your choice to the Prestmit app and you’ll get your Bitcoin automatically sent to your wallet. 

How you’re going to convert your Gift Cards for Bitcoin is what we will show you in the subsequent parts of this article.

What Is A Gift Card?

You may not fully understand what a Gift Card is if you have not used one. Also, you may have one in your possession without knowing what you have. To avoid any of the two scenarios, let’s have a view of what a Gift Card is.

A Gift Card is simply a debit card which has been preloaded with a certain amount of money in it.

Brands create and issue Gift Cards to customers to increase brand awareness, eliminate the third parties involved in the transaction and make transactions more convenient for customers. 

A Gift Card can be redeemed on the brand store for any gift that the money on the Gift Card can afford to buy.

Presently, people have deviated from traditional gift buying to gifting Gift Cards. This is to give their recipients the chance to choose their choice gift when they redeem the card.

Most Gift Cards range from the denomination of  $5-$500, though one can customize on special order. 

Aside from Purchasing goods and services from retail stores, you can trade Gift Cards for cash, Bitcoin and USDT

There are many brands of Gift Cards, including; Amazon, American Express, Google Play, eBay, Sephora,  etc.

Where To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoins In Cameroon

If you have had a bad Gift Card trading experience before, then this article is surely for you.

One can’t move into the street in search of a Gift Card buyer because that mission will surely be futile. While there are marketplaces for everything, there’s surely a marketplace for exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin.

The problem is that many of these platforms offer very low-quality services while some even defraud their customers. 

The pride of every platform is its credibility and quality of services. A good Gift Card exchange platform should be secure, offer high rates, make fast payments, have good customer relationship management etc.

However, the Prestmit app possesses all these attributes and many more which we will mention later.

Prestmit is the best  Gift Card trading app in Africa with a large pool of customers from within and beyond Africa.

Prestmit offers a seamless way of trading Gift Cards into cash or cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Having been built on a highly secure and fast protocol, Prestmit has become the first choice of many.

There are some special distinguishes factors which make Prestmit an outstanding app and they include;

1. Instant Payment:

One of the distinguishing features of the Prestmit app is the speed at which payment is credited to customers’ wallets.

After any successful trade, payment is made to a customer’s wallet which he can withdraw to his bank account at a later time. Upon withdrawal, funds are credited instantly to the user’s bank account.

Prestmit is the fastest app for trading any type of Gift Card, including the ones used abroad.

2. Good User Experience and Interface:

The user interface of the Prestmit app is an attractive and simple one. This makes it very easy for customers to navigate through the app without having a hard time figuring out how to use it.

3. Live Chat:

There’s a specialised live chat button on the app which allows customers to make a quick complaint about trades on the app.

Customer agents are always available to engage customers on a live chat at any time of the day.

If you have any issues with the app, the live chat button serves as first aid.

4. Best Rates:

How can we talk about Prestmit without talking about the mouth-watering rates offered on the platform? 

Most users of the Prestmit app have tendered their reviews exclusively on the high rates they enjoy on the platform.  Among every trading platform you can think of, Prestmit beats all when it comes to rates of exchange.

There is an automated rate calculator built on the  Prestmit app which keeps customers updated on the current rates for all assets. You can use it to keep track of the current rate of numerous Gift Cards in Bitcoin, Naira, Cedis, and USDT.

5. Security:

Prestmit was built on a very secure protocol which makes it impossible to be hacked by cyber-attackers and fraudsters. Security of assets and data of customers has been one of the major objectives of the Prestmit app.

If you’re seeking that Platform with a high level of security for your assets, then why haven’t you tried Prestmit?

6. Multiple Payment Options:

You’re not limited to only payment options on the app. Customers can choose the type of payment they want for their Gift Cards.  Prestmit app users can be paid for their gift cards with cash transfers (Naira and Cedis), Bitcoin, or USDT. 

How To Trade Gift Cards For Bitcoin In Cameroon

Sell your Gift Cards for Bitcoin in Cameroon with the few steps below:

  1. The first step is to download the Prestmit app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and sign up.
  2. Select “Start Trade” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and fill in the Gift Card information by scrolling down the page.
  4. Click on Bitcoin as the payment method since you’re exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin. 
  5. Select “Category” and choose the type of Gift Card you want to sell. Example; Google Play physical card. 
  6. Click on  “Gift Card Type” to choose the type of Amazon Gift Card in your possession. Example; USA Google Play physical (50-100). This means that the Google Play Gift Card is between the value of $50-$100.
  7. Select “AMOUNT” from the drop-down menu: Input the total amount of Gift Cards you’d like to convert to Bitcoin. Based on current rates, this is calculated using an automated rate calculator. When you enter the amount, the Bitcoin value of the Gift Card will be immediately displayed. 
  8. Upload the Gift Card image if you have a physical card.
  9. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the comment section.
  10. Finally, click “APPLY” to complete the transaction after which the payment will be credited immediately into your Prestmit BTC wallet.


 If you’ve been looking for a good app to trade your Gift Cards, Prestmit is the go for you. Don’t just remain indecisive, check out the Prestmit app on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, download, sign up today and start enjoying the goodness of the most beautiful Gift Card trading platform in Africa.