Best Gift Cards To Sell In Nigeria Right Now - Updated Every Hour

# Gift Card Name Rate
1 UK Steam Physical 380
2 EURO Steam Physical 50 above 330
3 USA OffGamers card 320
4 USA OffGamers ecode 320
5 USA Razer Gold 310
6 USA Nike Gift Card (300 Above ) 300
7 American Express AMEX (400 and above) 300
8 USA Google Play Physical (50 and above) 290
9 EURO Steam ecode 290
10 USA Nordstrom Physical ( 100 - 299 ) 290
11 USA Nordstrom Physical ( 300 above ) 290
12 USA Sephora Physical ( 100 - 299 ) 290
13 USA Sephora  Physical ( 300 above ) 290
14 USA Nike Gift Card (100 to 299 ) 290
15 USA Macy's Gift Card 290

Are you a gift card seller or buyer? Do you seek the best rates for gift cards at any period? The table on this page displays the top gift cards with the highest rates as at this time. The table is automatically updated multiple times a day based on market rates and you can be confident that whatever you see on this page is updated in real-time.

Ensure to check the page from time to time to view the changes. However, to sell gift cards, feel free to create a Prestmit account. Trades averagely take a few minutes and withdrawals are automated and instant.

How Much Is $100 Gift Card Rate?

The table only lists the top gift cards with highest rates, not all gift cards.

To calculate how much you will get for particular gift cards, you have to visit the gift card rate calculator page.

How to Trade On Prestmit?

To sell gift cards on Prestmit is pretty easy. You can click here to register on Prestmit or download the mobile app on Android.