eBay gift cards are one of the most common gift cards in the world. The gift card purchases goods and services on the eBay platform.

eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce websites to purchase and sell any goods or services, but the platform does not have any products or services to sell to users. So how does it work? We will discuss more eBay in the next section of the article.

Like every other e-commerce platform, eBay accepts various means of payment such as credit cards, debit cards and, most especially, eBay gift cards.

The eBay gift card allows users to shop in the eBay store

Sometimes, when using this gift card, users may witness some error messages due to many reasons. Some of these error messages include an; invalid card error, the card already redeemed error, incorrect balance error etc.

When you want to use an eBay gift card, an error message may display on your screen depending on the type of error the system has detected.

However, every error can be fixed with the right approach, so it’s nothing to worry about. The most important thing is understanding the types of eBay gift card errors and how they can be fixed.

This article will discuss the common eBay gift card errors and how they can be fixed.

What is an eBay Gift Card

eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms in the world, featuring any type of goods and services you can think of. Like Amazon, eBay does not have goods or services in its name. Rather, it is a platform where people can just list their items and services for buyers to see and buy. That is to say; you can list and sell any permissible item and service on the eBay marketplace from the comfort of your home. However, to maintain its reputation and standard, the company has ways of probing sellers and the items they list and sell.

As I mentioned earlier, eBay gift cards are used to facilitate buying goods and services on the eBay platform.

eBay gift card is a gift voucher preloaded with a certain amount of money to pay for goods and services on the eBay store. 

Using an eBay gift card can provide users with a good budgetary plan they may not have easily sustained because they will be encouraged to spend only what they have on the gift card, unlike when using bank cards.

eBay gift cards may be the best for employees, friends and family for special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

eBay has a higher resale value in the gift card market than many other gift cards. If you are no longer interested in using your eBay gift card in the store, you can always sell the eBay card for instant cash or crypto on a digital asset trading platform at very good rates.

Common eBay Gift Card Errors

As an eBay gift card user, you may have witnessed any of these error messages while using your card in the past. 

Invalid Code Error


A. Invalid Card Error:

This type of error occurred when the gift card was purchased from a dubious source which makes the card invalid. This may also occur if the card has expired or a stolen card has been reported to eBay authority.

Zero balance error

B. Zero Balance Error:

This usually occurs when the user has used up all credit balances on the eBay gift card. For example, if the card user tries to pay $10 with an eBay gift card with a $0 balance, the card will read a Zero balance error.

C. Card Already Redeemed Error:

There’s no point trying to redeem an eBay gift card that has been redeemed before. You can always get a new one, but if you decide to try, you’ll get the “card already redeemed” error.

D. Error Card- Pin Not Found Error:

When you get this error, you need not panic as long as you are sure the card is from a reliable source and you have the correct code. It simply means that eBay could not read the card from their end.

You can retype the code after some time or contact eBay support for assistance.

Solutions to eBay Gift Card Errors

Every problem has a solution; these eBay gift card errors are not left out. 

A. Contacting eBay Support:

You can contact eBay support for assistance in the case of any error message. The support team is best positioned to advise you on the necessary steps. eBay support is your best friend in error messages caused by technical irregularities.

B. Checking Gift Card balance and Transaction History:

Endeavour to check your card balance and history before paying to avoid the zero balance error. You can always purchase a new card at the eBay online store or another online marketplace.

C. Checking Card Expiration Date:

Checking the expiry date of the gift card is also important. An expired eBay card will automatically display the “invalid card error”. It will be best to use the card before its expiration date.

Additionally, do not purchase eBay gift cards from questionable websites. Apart from the eBay platform, there are some legit gift card online marketplaces where you can buy valid eBay gift cards.


eBay gift cards are one of the special brands everyone should possess. You can put smiles on the faces of your loved ones by simply buying them an eBay gift card. That way, you have given them exclusive access to shopping on the eBay platform without having to choose a gift for them. When you are no more in need of them, you can sell the card for cash or crypto.

The eBay card error messages are common among users of eBay gift cards. This article has been dedicated to addressing these issues and proffering solutions.