The growth of the digital space has generated massive traffic of people engaging in various online transactions, which gives digital assets like gift cards an edge to be used as payment methods or a gift. But as there is a wide range of this card, the Nordstrom gift card is a card that piques the interest of many people. As such, you want to know what I can do with my Nordstrom gift card.

Nordstrom’s array of goods and bountiful return policy has made it a choice retailer for shoppers worldwide. As a way of customer satisfaction, Nordstrom grants the free will to return goods at your convenience. Be it a pair of shoes that wouldn’t fit or a shirt that you lost interest in after purchase.

What you can do with my Nordstrom gift card

Everyone wants second chances on their purchase, and Nordstrom gives just that. They still wonder why their gift card is yet the icing on the cake. Let’s look at the Nordstrom gift card.

What Is Nordstrom Gift Card?

A Nordstrom gift card is a prepaid card to buy products at the Nordstrom store. In essence, it is a payment method at the store, as Nordstrom is the brand that issues the gift card.

You can use your Nordstrom gift card to buy fashion and accessories at Nordstrom stores in the U.S. and online at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, as well as at

Score one more for it; this gift card doesn’t expire, nor fees. Who wouldn’t want a Nordstrom gift card? As rewarding as having this gift card is, the struggle to make use of it in certain parts of the world exists. Take, for instance, Ghana.

Gift cards are yet to be adopted as a general means of payment or shopping. Thousands of gift cards go to waste in this part of the world, mainly because holders of these cards are clueless about what to do with Nordstrom gift cards or other gift cards.

This is the problem this article seeks to solve. Do you have a Nordstrom gift card you wouldn’t like to waste? Let’s help you with what you can do with a Nordstrom gift card.

What You Can Do With My Nordstrom Gift Card

  1. Give it Away

Won’t use your Nordstrom card and don’t need the cash? Find someone who does. You can re-gift the card or donate it to a good cause. There are several organizations you can donate unwanted gift cards to. You may also consider reaching out directly to charities, to see if they need it.

2. Buy Things to Sell with Nordstrom Gift Cards

Perhaps, Nordstrom lacks the merchandise you enjoy, but if somebody else does, you may consider buying, then exchanging it. For example, you may purchase a fashion item you do not need and sell it via an online auction site or social media.

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3. Sell to A Gift Card Exchange Website

This is one recommended option, as you can enjoy near the face value of your Nordstrom card. There are gift card exchange platforms that allow you to sell your Nordstrom gift card. Prestmit is one platform for selling your Nordstrom gift card and other gift cards in Ghana.

On Prestmit, you can sell gift cards for Cedis, naira, and cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. To sell your Nordstrom gift card or other gift card on Prestmit, you only have to download their mobile app and begin trading.

4. Buy Things to Donate with Nordstrom Gift Card

Instead of giving the card itself to a worthy cause, you may choose instead to buy something to donate instead. Since Nordstrom is big on fashion items, purchase new clothing to contribute to a women’s refuge. If you’re willing glad to shop to give something away, there should be enough opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, following this range of functions of Nordstrom gift cards, you may want to know how to buy the card.

How To Buy Nordstrom Gift Cards On Prestmit

What you can do with my Nordstrom gift card

The following are the quick steps to buy the card in Ghana:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in
  • Click on “Buy & Sell gift cards.”
  • Click on “Buy gift card.”
  • Enter “Nordstrom” in the search box
  • Enter the amount of Nordstrom that you want to buy
  • Choose your preferred quantity of card
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Choose “Pay with Cedis Wallet” as your preferred payment method
  • Click on “Complete Purchase”
  • You will receive your Nordstrom gift card immediately in your email address after the confirmation of purchase

How To Sell Nordstrom Gift Card On Prestmit

Do you want to sell your Nordstrom gift card instead of shopping with it at Nordstrom? Here is how to cash out on your gift card:

  • Log into your Prestmit account
  • Click on “Buy & Sell gift cards.”
  • Click on “Sell gift cards.”
  • Choose your preferred payment method
  • Choose “Nordstrom” in your gift card category
  • Select your preferred gift card type
  • Upload the image of the Nordstrom gift card or enter the code in the comment box
  • You will receive payment into your Prestmit Cedi wallet immediately after the confirmation of your transaction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Nordstrom Gift Card To Shop From Anywhere?

Nordstrom stores are located in 40 states in the United States and three provinces in Canada. As such, you may have to ship your products from these regions to anywhere if you buy from the store. Nonetheless, you can easily use your Nordstrom gift card to purchase product from the store.

However, you must ensure that you can use and redeem your Nordstrom gift card in Nigeria or Ghana, as there may be regional restrictions or limitations on your card.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy And Sell Nordstrom Gift Cards?

Although there is a proliferation of gift card trading platforms, Prestmit leads the cart as one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa. Therefore, you can buy your gift card at good prices on this platform and sell your Nordstrom gift card at the best gift card rates on Prestmit.

Trading on Prestmit is simple and easy as this platform remains credible and reliable for gift card users and traders.


Nordstrom gift card works like every other gift card, enabling you to shop conveniently at designated stores or perhaps sell the card for cash or cryptocurrency. Following this understanding, the Nordstrom gift card avails you to use your card as you wish.

If you are considering buying or selling your Nordstrom gift card in Nigeria or Ghana, think Prestmit!


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