Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, with a daily sale of about 1.7 million packages. 

It’s impossible not to find any item that is not sold on the Amazon Store. It is the best place to find any item you can’t find within your locality, not just physical. goods but also services. You can hire the services of a teacher, gardener or artist on the Amazon store.

The company has individual websites, software development centres, and customer service centres are located all over the world.

Because Amazon is so large, trades may be difficult to complete without the usage of Amazon gift cards.

Amazon gift cards are pre-loaded with a set amount of money and may be used to buy anything on the site. Amazon allows you to buy up to $10,000 worth of things in a single day.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon delivers to Nigeria. Amazon gift cards, like many other gift cards, are available in both physical and electronic formats.

Amazon is well-known for its commitment to serving all consumers, and payment is one of the most vital aspects of buying. As a result, Amazon devised several methods for purchasing gift cards in any of their physical locations. To make sure that all customers have a good time. This, however, would have an impact on the type of receipt you receive when you make a transaction.

sell amazon gift card

What Is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon is the world’s largest online store, selling practically any product or service you can imagine. Customers can purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon, which can be used to pay for Amazon products purchased on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Gift Cards allow consumers to choose from a variety of things on the Amazon Store and pay for them with their Amazon Gift Cards.

Amazon Gift Cards can be e-Gift Cards, which are sent as a code to the registered email address, or plastic cards, which are delivered to the mailing address as a plastic card. Amazon Gift Cards can also be customized and printed at home, with the gift card being sent as a PDF and the user printing it out with the desired paper type. Amazon Gift Cards are available in amounts ranging from $5 to $500, although you can purchase any amount up to $1000.

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Uses Of Amazon Gift Card

The Amazon gift card is primarily used to purchase Amazon’s products and services. The truth is that we could never complete a list of all the products and services you can purchase with your Amazon gift cards. So, where do we begin? Appliances, gadgets, clothing, literature, and so on.

Customers can use Amazon gift cards to purchase a wide range of things from the Amazon store.

Gift certificates from Amazon can also be used as gifts. Rather than giving a physical gift, many people opt to buy gift cards for their loved ones. When they use the gift card on Amazon, they will be able to buy the present of their choosing.

What about selling Amazon Gift Card for cash or crypto? Yes, you can swap your Amazon card for money or have it converted to Bitcoin or USDT.

What Are The Payment Methods For Amazon Gift Card?

The following are the most common payment methods:

  • Credit Receipt: This simply means that you paid for your Amazon Gift card with a credit card. 
  • Debit Receipt: You paid for your Amazon Gift card with a debit card. 
  • Cash Receipt: You would receive this if you paid for your card with cash.

Why Amazon Cash Receipt Is The Best Payment Method

The Amazon cash receipt was designed for customers who prefer not to shop using their debit or credit cards. You can add cash to your Amazon Balance at any physical store around the world with Amazon cash. At no additional expense, you can add as little as $5 or as much as $500 per day.

The funds will be credited to your account and can be used to shop at any Amazon store.

Cash receipts from Amazon are generally safer to utilize since they are given higher priority and so have bigger monetary worth than other payment options. Furthermore, you should use this if you are concerned about chargebacks or inexplicable charges on your debit or credit card.

Where Can I sell Cash Receipts Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria?

The high resale value of this sort of receipt is a plus, selling an Amazon gift card in Nigeria with this type of receipt on a safe gift trading platform like Prestmit ensures you get the most money for your card.

Naturally, cash receipts have bigger monetary worth than other receipts, and Prestmit has the best rates in Nigeria for all gift cards. You can also get your payment either in cash or in crypto(Bitcoin or USDT)) as fast as the speed of light.

The following steps will guide you to achieve this;

  1. First and foremost, create an account and log in 
  2. Click on “Start Trade”
  3. Select ” Sell Gift Card” and simply scroll down the page to fill in the gift card details.
  4. Select “Category” and further select Amazon gift card.
  5. Select “GIFT CARD”: This is where you will further specify the type of Amazon gift card you want to sell. For example, USA Cash Receipt  Amazon physical (100-above)
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. If you are selling a $50 Amazon gift card in 10 pieces, it means the total amount is 500.

The price of the Amazon gift card in your chosen currency(Naira or Cedis) will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. This is calculated by an automated rate calculator. If you want payment in Bitcoin or USDT, the dollar value will be displayed too.

  1. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of Amazon gift cards.
  2.  Select PAYOUT METHOD: if you are trading Amazon Gift Cards for cash, just select Naira or Cedis but if it’s crypto, choose Bitcoin or USDT.

SEND DIRECTLY: Tick the checkbox that reads “Send Directly To My Bank Account” if you want the money to be sent to your bank account directly, also input your wallet address on the column for that. Also, remember to select your preferred bank and bank details.

  1. Finally, click “APPLY” and receive payment instantly.

Rates Of Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria

The rate of Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria is a fluctuating one, therefore we can not say exactly the rate given for Amazon Gift Card. Besides, all Amazon Gift Cards do not have the same rate and market value.

Currently, the rate of Cash Receipt Amazon  Gift Card is 350 on Prestmit. You can check the Prestmit platform for more information on the rates of gift cards.