iTunes gift cards are very important in the lives of Apple users. It is almost impossible to separate them from iTunes Gift Cards, just like it’s not possible to separate a fish from the water. As the water gives life to the fish, the iTunes Gift Card gives life to Apple devices through the numerous digital content one can buy with them. 

In as much as people use iTunes Gift Card for so many things like purchasing their favourite music, app, movies, TV shows on the iTunes Store, many have been asking if they can update their iPhones with an iTunes Gift Card. If you want to find out more, continue reading. 

iTunes Gift Card: A Detailed Explanation

Often, people confuse iTunes Gift Card for so many things, especially for Apple Store Card but in reality, iTunes Gift Card is just iTunes Gift Card and nothing more or less.

iTunes Gift Card is a special type of gift card preloaded with a certain monetary value that can be used to buy specifically, all digital content on the iTunes Store. These digital products can be software, apps, music, games, e-books and magazines. They are either delivered as the iTunes physical (plastic)card delivered to the mailing address, or iTunes e-Gift Cards which are delivered through email address.

iTunes Gift Card can come in the range of $5 to $500 and they are redeemed on the iTunes Store. It can further be redeemed for cash or crypto on some online platforms that specialize in that.

Note that iTunes Gift Card is used to buy only digital content on the iTunes Store, hence, it is very different from the Apple Store Gift Card.

Where to Use iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Cards are mainly used on Apple-branded devices, such as iPhones, Macbooks, Apple laptops etc

The iTunes Gift Cards are used online only. You can use iTunes Gift Card to purchase music, movies, games, software and apps, they will be saved to your Apple library and can be accessed in the iTunes library forever.

However, you can never buy an Apple gadget with iTunes Gift Card, both online and in-store. The iTunes Gift Card is purely designed to be used for digital content.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Card

There are two major ways to buy iTunes Gift Card which are; Buying online and buying from retail stores.

To purchase an iTunes gift card online:

  1. Simply visit an online store like the Apple or Amazon stores.
  2. Choose the package and design you want for the iTunes Gift Card.
  3. Use a convenient payment method of your choice to make payment.
  4. In a few moments, the iTunes gift card will be delivered to your email address.

To purchase iTunes gift cards in physical stores: 

Some may prefer physical iTunes gift cards. If you are one, simply discover a retail store near you that sells iTunes gift cards, pay for your iTunes gift card and get your new card. ShopRite and Konga are reputable for selling iTunes gift cards in Nigeria.

Is iTunes Gift Card Necessary For Updating an iPhone?

No, you don’t need an iTunes gift card to update your iPhone or any Apple device. You also do not need iTunes Gift Cards to update apps that you’ve already bought or downloaded. Apple does not allow developers to charge for app updates,  they can only charge for new features or consumables.