Selling gift cards is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, gift card exchange in Nigeria has taken a turn for good over the past year. If you have a gift card you want to sell for cash, you have landed in the right place. Even though a lot of platforms buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria, the more you understand the process, the easier it gets for you.

When you have a gift card and you want to sell it for either cash or cryptocurrency, there are some things you should know before you continue with the deal to help secure your money. So many rippers are out there. So how do you recognize the real and differentiate them from the fake.

  1. Know your buyer

it is a highly recommended to know who your buyer is. Know who you’re selling your gift card to. the probability of being scammed when the buyer is anonymous is very high. To avoid being scammed, make use of highly trusted websites such as

  1. Work with a buyer that pays quickly

Before you decide to sell your gift card, make sure that your buyer makes payment as quickly as possible. Find out from him how long a payment can take. At Prestmit, our Payment rate is so fast, Usain Bolt would be jealous. Payment is within 5 minutes after a transaction is completed.

  1. Be sure of the rates being offered

A lot of vendors try to entire sellers with the rates they offer. You should be sure of whatever rate is being offered. If the rates offered are not to your advantage, you can also try to bargain for better rates. At Prestmit, we provide great services with good rates that you cannot get anywhere else.

The smartest and safest way to sell your gift cards is to use a well-known gift card exchange platform such as

Here at PRESTMIT, we accept iTunes, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Play, Apple Store, Sephora, Nordstrom, Visa, American Express, Target and others. Our platform ensures security i.e. no delay and NO SCAM. We also ensure that all customers are given the best trading experience

As said earlier, you do not have to worry about rates because we give the best rates available.

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