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Top 10 Gift Cards To Naira Apps In Nigeria In 2023

Thinking of getting a loved one a gift can be likened to being stranded on an island alone. Especially if you do not know the person’s gift preference. No one wants to be the one that presents the worst gift, this is why gift cards are so important these days. Apart from allowing the receivers to buy what they want, gift cards can also be traded for cash. This is why I have created a top 10 list of gift cards for cash apps in Nigeria.

There are different reasons why one would trade gift cards for cash but how can this be achieved if they were not designed to withdraw cash? This is where gift card exchange apps fill in the gap. 

Imagine being gifted a Steam gift card on your birthday but you aren’t a gamer. The only option left is to find a way to turn that gift card into cash. 

Before we get to our destination, let us identify what makes a good gift card trading app.

Attributes of a Good Gift Card To Naira App

  • Easy to Use

A good exchange app should interact with the user easily. If you can’t figure out things without having to solve complex maths then you should look for an alternative app.

  • Fast Pay Out Time: Payment Should be Instant

Getting your payment instantly is what good gift card trading apps offer. You do not want to hold your heart in your hand every time you trade on an app so avoid platforms that take a long to make payment.

  • High Rates

This is a very important attribute as every seller wants to get the best money for their gift cards. To know exchange apps to sell at the highest rates you should use the platform’s rate calculator.

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 A rate calculator helps the seller know how much each gift card brand sells for. This will enable the seller to compare rates on each app.

  • Good Customer Service

This is important for every exchange because app users will always encounter issues and the company through their customer service person will guide them through.

  • Good Reviews

This is where you find out how disliked or liked an app is. I call app reviews the horse’s mouth because there are no truer facts about an app. It’s with reviews you would know if an app possesses all the other attributes.

Top 10 Gift Card For Cash Apps In Nigeria

  1. Prestmit App 
  2. Nosh App
  3. Patricia App
  4. Paxful App
  5. Cardtonic App
  6. GiftCardsToNaira App
  7. Glover App
  8. Apexpay App
  9. Rocket by Chiji14xchange App
  10. CardVest App

These apps possess all the attributes of a good exchange app so get your gift cards out and start trading.



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