It can be highly frustrating to be in the middle of a game or be in the mood to play games and not be able to use your Steam gift card. If you’ve tried to fix any other Steam gift card errors or can’t even identify the problem with yours, this blog post is for you. We’ll show you how to fix a Steam gift card that is not working.

In the gaming industry, gift cards are essential in getting users or customers to invest more. If it’s difficult to access new games or even make in-game purchases, a gaming company will most likely lose more participants over time. So, issuing gift cards is a way to ensure customers and users enjoy ease. Ease ensures the continuity and growth of the brand or company through continuous and burgeoning engagement.

What is a Steam Gift Card?

Steam gift cards are preloaded debit cards issued by the gaming company, Steam, to enable users to buy Steam credits. With Steam credits, users can buy games, accessories and developer software from the Steam store.

You can buy a Steam gift card online from Prestmit or other digital trading platforms. You can also buy them at walk-in stores. They’re available in denominations between $5 and $100 for the digital format, while the physical cards range from $20 to $100.

When you buy a Steam gift voucher, you must redeem it on the Steam website and add the credits to your Steam Wallet.

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Now, let’s consider some issues you might face with your Steam card.

Common Reasons Your Steam Gift Card May Not Be Working

1. Invalid codes

This is the most common reason and the first error to look out for. You may have entered some digits or alphabets incorrectly. It’s easy to mistake a B for an 8 and vice versa or a 1 for an I. If you’re using a physical card, there’s a possibility you may scratch off some digits. For digital cards, you can make mistakes if you’re in a hurry to enter the codes.

2. Regional Restrictions

Steam has a policy that does not allow disparity between regions and the currency of the gift card a user tries to use. In other words, if your gift card is made for a particular region and your account doesn’t match that region, your Steam gift card will not work.

3. Insufficient Card Balance

Since you cannot redeem one gift card twice, it’s unlikely that a new card should have an insufficient balance. If you try to redeem your Stean gift card and you receive this error message, it implies that someone else has redeemed the card before you. The chances of this happening only increase when you buy gift cards from Scam P2P platforms.

How to Fix A Steam Gift Card That Isn’t Working

1. Crosscheck The Code You Entered

This is the most common reason your Steam gift card may not be working. Hence, it’s only fitting that you fix the error by checking if you entered all the details of your card correctly. Check the 8, 14 or 16-digit number of the card as well as the PIN you entered. You will often find an error, and when corrected, your gift card will be ready for use.

2. Ensure Your Steam Voucher is Valid in Your Region

As previously stated, any regional disparity between your gift card currency and account will result in an error. So, check if the region matches the currency of the gift card. If not, you may have to sell the gift card and buy one that matches your location. You can sell your Steam gift card for cash or crypto on Prestmit.

3. Contact Customer Support

This applies to having an insufficient card balance and any other issue with your gift card. If you find that you have been scammed by a seller on a P2P platform, do not hesitate to reach out to the customer support team to report the matter.

However, if you’re sure that the gift card was previously unused before you tried to redeem it, then you should contact Steam customer support to file a complaint.


Few errors can leave you with a faulty Steam gift card. However, if you find yourself in a rut when trying to redeem your Steam voucher, we have discussed how to fix a Steam gift card that is not working. Common errors you’ll face include regional disparities, insufficient balance and incorrect codes.

Ultimately, to rule out some of these problems, buy Steam gift cards from reliable vendors like Prestmit and be careful if you decide to buy from other traders on P2P platforms.