Gift cards have become digital assets that people use for varying intended purposes, and Steam gift card is one of the best gift cards, as it offers a wide range of opportunities for their users. But sometimes, there is a likelihood that you encounter common Steam gift card errors, but you do not have to break a sweat as this is an issue that does come up one way or the other.

Steam gift cards are gift cards that Steam designs to give its users unlimited access to its gaming content and even trade on the Steam platform. You can buy and download games via the Steam Store; as such, Steam gift cards are an access card to enjoying all the content available on Steam.

Steam gift card

Launched in 2003, Steam has made its way to become the biggest video game distribution platform with over 62 million active daily players, so you can imagine how far its Steam gift cards can take you in accessing a wide range of gaming options. But, the use of Steam gift cards does come with the issue of Steam gift card errors and which can, in a way, deter its users from usage.

Therefore, this article highlights common Steam gift card errors and how to fix them in simple steps.

An Overview Of A Steam Gift Card

Steam gift card is a 16-digit gift card that you can get at retail stores across the world in varying denominations, depending on its type. There are two types of Steam gift cards: physical Steam gifts and digital Steam gift cards.

A physical Steam gift card is a Steam card that exists in plastic form and that you can get from both physical and online retail stores at your convenience. The physical cards are available in the denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100.

Meanwhile, digital Steam gift cards are Steam cards that you can also refer to as Ecode. You receive this card via email as you can only buy them via online retail stores or, most importantly, the Steam Store. They exist in the denominations of $5, 10, $25, $50, and $100.

Moreover, you can use Steam gift cards for different reasons, as it is not only tied to accessing gaming content on Steam. Another opportunity the card provides to you outside of redeeming it on its store is to sell Steam gift cards. Steam gift card is one of the best gift cards with the highest resale value. This is the primary reason why it sits as one of the most traded gift cards because Steam, as a business brand, has a vast customer base.

For instance, Nigeria’s population is mainly dominated by youths; as such, it gives room for many gaming enthusiasts who savour their leisure time with gaming. This piques the youth’s interest in looking at gift cards to access online games on Steam, creating a favourable Steam gift card market.

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What Are The Benefits Of Steam Gift Cards?

Steam gift card

1. Steam gift cards can be a gift for friends and family.

2. You can exchange your Steam card for cash or cryptocurrency.

3. You can buy different digital software.

4. There is an opportunity to connect with millions of users on Steam.

5. You can buy different games for various developers around the world.

What Are The Common Steam Gift Card Errors?

When you use Steam gift cards, there is a possibility of encountering some Steam card errors in different forms, and this is why this article is important to you.

1. Invalid Code Error

Steam gift card error

This is a form of error that can come up due to varying reasons. It could be that the Steam gift card is not yet activated after purchase, so you need to return it to your retailer for activation. Also, you can encounter an invalid code error if you make a mistake entering the code. This may arise from mistyping “O” for “0” or “I” for “1”. Therefore, it is important fat you type in the 16-digit number correctly.

2. Already Redeemed Error

Steam gift card error

This a significant issue that you can encounter when you buy from untrusted retailers, as the code might have been compromised, and some unscrupulous retailers will still go ahead to sell the card to you. Also, you may find the Steam gift card when you mistype some of the 16-digit code that is for an already redeemed card and not the one you are holding.

3. Region Restriction Error

There is a propensity for Steam card failure if the currency of the code you want to redeem is different from your current location. For instance, if you are in the United States, you are expected to redeem your gift card in the United States. Otherwise, you will not be able to redeem your Steam gift card.

How To Fix Steam Gift Card Errors

1. Check Steam Gift Card Balance

When you redeem a Steam gift card, the amount is added to your Steam account balance. So you can take a cue from this idea. But in the event of the amount not adding to your Steam balance, you may have to log out of the Steam account from your device and log in again. You can then redeem the code again if the issue persists for over an hour.

2. Contact Steam Support

You can contact Steam customer service to help you with your issue resolution. In this case, you may have to send the images of the error displayed to the Steam support team to assist you in finding the source of the problem and fixing it from their backend.

3. Change Region Settings

When the currency of the Steam gift card code is different from the country you want to redeem it, you may encounter problems in doing so. Ensure that you check whether the card code is for the redemption area. Use the region tag in the product’s title to ascertain the area you can redeem the gift card. If this complicates further, you can contact the Steam support team to help you.


Steam gift card is a great gift card to have, but you can encounter issues like an invalid code error, redeeming error, or region restriction error when you are trying to redeem it. This is why it is essential to avoid making mistakes when entering the 16-digit code and ensure your location supports the currency form of the card.

When you do your due diligence in redeeming your Steam card, you can be assured of endless possibilities of using your card for intended purposes. However, you must buy and sell your Steam gift card at credible platforms that offer you the best rates for the card. Here, I recommend Prestmit to you because we are the best in gift card trading.