What’s gift card without Chinese Vendors? If you’ve been dealing with gift cards for the longest of time, then you would definitely know that Chinese buyers always have the best gift card rates. Correct me if I’m wrong! Whether you are in Nigeria or Dubai or wherever and you are a gift card seller that wants to exchange their gift card for cash, then you would be able to attest to this. In fact, Chinese gift card vendors always have the best rate ever when it comes to exchanging gift card for cash. Why? This is because there is more positive consumer sentiment in China

Now that we’ve established the fact that Chinese vendors are your best plug for good gift card rate, how then do we get a good vendor without being cheated or risk the possibility of getting scammed? While you’re in the process of looking for a good Chinese vendor, a lot of them that are scammers and not reliable may try to present them to you as what you are looking for. Now, how do you ‘recognize the real’?

In this article, we will be showing you how you can score yourself legit Chinese gift card vendors without being cheated or scammed.

  1. Find a professional gift card trading platform managed by the Chinese

There are so many gift card trading platforms in the world today. In Nigeria, Prestmit is one of the best. The platform is in a direct relationship with Chinese companies that buy gift cards. Because there are so many platforms, locating the one that has chosen to introduce Chinese buyers becomes a problem, but Prestmit is the answer to that.

  1. Sign up on Chinese eCommerce platforms for online shopping

You can sign up on the Chinese ecommerce platforms even with a non-chinese phone number. Yep! It doesn’t matter whether you are a Nigerian or Ghanian, you can still sign up with your phone number. After signing up, you can just search any gift card name (Google, steam, Amazon and others). From here, you will find a lot of Chinese buyers on it. You can now choose to message whichever buyer you settle for, privately. There are other Chinese ecommerce platforms where you can sell gift cards.

  1. Get a Chinese gift card vendor’s WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp is a direct app for messaging and it’s a bit personal if you ask me. If you can get a Chinese gift card vendor’s WhatsApp number, that’s a huge step. There are platforms that you can find these vendors on like baiduttieba, but this one requires you to sign up only with a Chinese phone number.

If you are in Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai, anywhere at all, you have access to these platforms and can get a Chinese vendor’s WhatsApp phone number from there. These platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Quora and even TikTok. You can search for keywords like “gift card”, “Google Play gift card” or any gift card, to find something related to a page or group where you can get a Chinese vendor’s number. Some of them leave their numbers on pages or groups. The country code for China is “86” so this is what you should look out for. Save the number and proceed to message them privately.

That’s all. Try any of the above steps and thank me later.


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