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How To Trade Visa gift cards for Target Gift Cards

Visa gift card for Target
Visa gift card for Target

The big-box departmental store, Target, is generally known for their high-quality retail services but they also have a gift card Trade-in program that will interest gift card lovers. Target has made it possible for gift cardholders to exchange other brands of gift cards for Target gift cards. To be qualified for the trade-in program the gift card you are trading in must have a reasonable balance. In this article, our focus is on how to trade in your Visa gift card for a Target gift card so before the trade-in, you must know your Visa gift card balance.

How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance 

The balance on your Visa gift card determines the balance on the Target gift card you will get. So it is important to know your balance before trading.

To check your balance, turn the back of the card and call the toll-free customer support line on the card. You will be assisted by a customer service rep. 

But if you want to check online you can do so on the card issuers website. The following websites sell Visa gift cards and you can check your balance on them:

After checking your balance then you are ready to trade in your Visa gift card for a Target gift card.

How to Trade-in Your Visa Gift Cards for Target Gift Cards

  1. Take your Visa gift card to a Target store near you.
  2. Go to the Electronic secession and request a store associate.
  3. Your card will be scanned and you will be informed on what value of Target gift card you will get.
  4. Make the swap.

This is only available for people that live in the United States as there are no Target stores in other countries. If you are outside the U.S. you can trade your unwanted Visa gift cards on an exchange platform.

Gift Card Exchange Platforms Where you Sell Your Visa Gift Cards

Here is a list of safe, easy to use gift card exchange platforms that buy at high rates:

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  1. Prestmit
  2. Cardtonic 
  3. CardnCash 
  4. Paxful 
  5. GiftCardsToNaira 
  6. Legitcards 
  7. Patricia 
  8. EGifter 
  9. CardVest
  10. AstroAfrica

In Conclusion

Gift cards are very useful for gift-givers and receivers and sometimes they are just a way of storing money but when they aren’t needed they can be like a waste to the holder. This is why gift card exchanges whether for cash, crypto or Target gift cards, is as important as buying them. So next time you have unwanted Visa gift cards you card Trade them in for Target gift cards in a Target store.



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