Gift cards are similar to prepaid debit cards in that monies are placed into them for future usage. These unique cards are occasionally helpful for purchasing products online instead of credit or debit cards. There are platforms in this region of the world that prefer to trade these gift cards for cash; if you own one of those, you may sell it for physical cash, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. 

One of the simplest methods to store and transfer value online is through gift cards, which are increasingly becoming popular. A loved one can receive a gift card from an Amazon gift card, Google Play gift card, iTunes gift card, or Steam gift card from friends and family. The beneficiaries of gift cards now know that they can sell gift cards in Nigerian Naira, as opposed to five years ago when nearly $1 Billion worth of gift cards went unredeemed. Now, individuals are seeking a strategy to unlock that value. Prestmit is here to proffer solutions to your worries about selling gift cards in Lagos, Nigeria.

According to research, the market for gift cards is predicted to be worth $619.25 billion globally in 2019 and $2076.51 billion by 2027. When seen internally, this represents a sizable sum of money returning to the companies and brands that provide these services, boosting client loyalty.

Gift cards offer a way to make money everywhere, and Nigeria is no exception. Gift cards are preloaded with money to be used for purchases, making them both physical and digital products. They enable you to provide someone with the option to purchase anything they choose offline—in stores—and online. It’s interesting to note that they can occasionally be transferred to specific mobile wallets or traded for cryptocurrencies.

You receive many gift cards from family and friends every month, but you have no idea how to redeem them in naira. Trading gift cards in Nigeria can be a daunting task if you sell on untrustworthy websites or apps. Stop looking further because you’ve come to the proper location.

Where To Sell Gift Cards In Lagos, Nigeria – PRESTMIT

Many people are precisely ignorant of the obvious fact that you may sell your gift cards and make cash instantly. It applies to all gift cards in Nigeria, including those from Google Play, Amazon, Steam wallet, Sephora, iTunes, and other retailers. There are constantly interested customers for them.

Since so many websites exist, selecting the best and most reliable ones is never simple. The most well-known, reliable, and top website where you may quickly and easily exchange your gift cards for cash is included in this post, nevertheless.

The only trusted and reliable platform with this business value is Prestmit. Over the years, Prestmit has bought and sold thousands of gift cards and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

How To Sell Gift Cards In Lagos On Prestmit

The following steps to sell gift cards in Lagos Nigeria on Prestmit:

  1. Create a Prestmit account and log in.
  2. Click on “Begin Trade” to get started.
  3. Select “Sell Gift Cards” and navigate the page to fill in the trade details.
  4. Click “Category” to indicate the gift card you want to sell.
  5. Specify “Gift Card Type”. This step helps you to be particular about the type of card you want to sell, either a physical gift card or an Ecode.
  6. Enter “Amount”. You will enter the number of gift cards you want to sell. For instance, you will enter $500 if you sell five pieces of a $100 Steam gift card.
  7. Upload the gift card image if you are selling the physical gift card.
  8. Payout Method. You will indicate the type of currency you want Prestmit to pay you. It can be in Naira or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Tether (USDT).

Why Do You Need To Sell Gift Cards In Lagos On Prestmit?

1. High Rates

The number hallmark of Prestmit is the high prices it offers on gift cards on its platform. With the belief of the trading platform hinging on giving customers the accurate value return on their assets, the high rates of gift cards on Prestmit have a comparative advantage over others. You can easily use the automated gift card rates calculator on the platform to check the rates of respective gift cards.

2. Instant Payment

Users immediately receive payment on the Prestmit platform after each successful transaction. Users can withdraw money from their bank accounts or personal wallets after receiving payment in their Prestmit cash or cryptocurrency wallet.

3. Multiple Payment Options

In contrast to other gift card-trading platforms, Prestmit provides its users with multiple payment methods like Naira, Bitcoin, and USDT.


As many people in Lagos, Nigeria, prefer to sell their gift cards for naira of Bitcoin rather than redeeming them in stores for gifts, it is essential to go for a platform that provides a customer-centric experience. Prestmit remains one of the best platforms to sell gift cards in Nigeria.


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