Payday is a new digital payment system in Africa, and it is sufficient to assess the Payday review with a particular focus on the legitimacy of the payment platform. Payday is a remittance platform that enables swift borderless online payments across the African continent.

Payday review

The services of Payday are analogous to a bridge that connect one point to another point; as such, Payday is a platform of international standard that serves as a bridge between the present and the future turns of financial services in helping Africans to connect with a myriad of opportunities that portend simple and easy transactions.

Payday has been designed to be the fastest and most effective method of sending and receiving payments for Africans. The platform comes with the convenience of use to send and receiving money, both locally and globally, via mobile devices and desktops at a zero charge rate.

Therefore, Payday is bringing innovations to the financial world in Africa. This has piqued the interest of many people to use the platform for varying intended purposes of financial services. For other people mulling over using Payday, it is essential to elucidate the discourse on if Payday is legit or a scam.

In the sequel to the foregoing, this article is to discuss the various features of Payday and suggests if the platform is safe to use.

An Overview Of Payday

Payday offers a global payment infrastructure for Africans to send and receive money to/from anywhere worldwide. The services of this platform resonate with the basic financial needs of people, especially Africans, to have seamless transactions anytime they use the Payday platform.

Payday enables you to take control of your transactions, request payment immediately, create virtual cards for use with online purchases, conveniently keep track of your inflow, and more. It is highly user-friendly and attractive, has great features, and is incredibly safe for both iOS and Android phone users.

Products And Services Of Payday

Payback prides itself on being the best payment platform for remote workers and digital professionals, with its products and services harping on:

  • Send and receive cash
  • Bills payment
  • Payday virtual card
  • Foreign bank accounts

1. Send And Receive Cash

You can use Payday to send and receive money at your convenience across the globe. This platform is touted as an African platform for Africans; as such, Payday enables you to initiate transactions at will. You can send and receive cash with simple and easy steps when you create a Payday account.

2. Bill Payment

You can make local and international bill payments with Payday, as the platform enables you to pay for utilities, subscriptions, and whatnot.

3. Payday Virtual Card

Payday virtual card works in a way likened to your prepaid or credit card, which enables you to send money or make online purchases with the virtual card. You can also load money on your virtual card and hold it like you have your ATM card.

4. Foreign Bank Accounts

The world has gone highly digital, and you can have a foreign bank account in your country of residence. For instance, you can create a Payday account to have a dollar account in which you can save in dollars in Nigeria or other African countries when you earn in dollars instead of converting to your local currency. This is not limited to only a dollar account; you can also have foreign bank accounts in pounds or euros.

Comparison Of Payday To Other Similar Companies

Payday review

There is a proliferation that offers cross-border payment systems in Africa. Some of these companies include Fincra, Leatherback, Flutterwave, etc., and each of these fintech companies has distinguishing features that separate it from the others.

However, Payday works as a payment platform exclusively for Africans; as such, it puts into reasonable consideration the demographics and economics of Africans to tailor its payment portal to meet varying needs.

Reputation And Credibility Of Payday

There is an ambivalent feeling about the reputation and credibility of Payday as a result of the feedback that its customers give as regards using the products and services of Payday. Payday is available on Android and iOS devices so you can download its mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Nonetheless, you can create a Payday account on its official website.

It is one thing for a business brand to have an online presence and another for the business customers to be satisfied with its products and services. The scenario is the case for Payday as it has an excellent online presence, but there is a need to have customer reviews of some of the platform’s users. Some of the reviews of Payday are:

1. “This app is nice and works well as it claims. I have not noticed any issues with it since I started using it. It deserves 5 stars but I just want to observe it some more before giving them 5 stars. I hope they keep improving for the best and stay trustworthy.” – Kenzuwwa

2. “I am not that familiar with the payday app, I heard about it from someone and tried it out for my online business. Unfortunately, my account was suddenly blocked without notice. After this, 3 of my clients transferred money to my payday account. It’s been more than a month now, I have been requesting that their money be refunded to their various accounts but there has been no response from Payday. Is it that this app was created to trap people’s hard earn money I did some research, and I found out that the Ceo of payday is a young chap like me, Favour Ori, I guess he is not aware of this hardship. The admin is melting out on the users of the App. I think there’s a need to spread this all over the social media because of the pains we are experiencing due to your silence to my plea for the release of the fund.” – 237muzik

3. “Started using PayDay a month now, and I can say without mincing that they are an essential service for the African fintech market. I have been having issues making online payments, particularly subscriptions, due to the restrictions from CBN on the $20 limit on all debit cards, and PayDay came through for me. Their virtual cards works perfectly. I love how they also prevent their platform from being used by fraudsters for malicious purposes. If they notice any malicious activity on their platform, they freeze it and notify the authorities.” – Cerebrocom

4. “It’s is super easy to get a dollar account and a virtual card that makes online transactions, in my case, very easy to pull off considering all the restrictions other providers have currently.” – Mamudu Jeff

5. “If there’s a negative star here, i would have selected it. They stole $187 of my money from my card, promised a refund that i never got, i can’t withdraw any money from my card now, i’m missing $187, and they’re customer support is not answering. all this upcoming fintech apps god forbid, please don’t download; better you use Chipper Cash or Grey; much better imo. Thieves please return my money.” – Shadesofjaay

Customer Service Of Payday

Payback is considered to have a professional support team that works to resolve the queries of its customers anytime and any day. Although Payday has social media on Instagram and Twitter, with offices in Canada, Rwanda, and the United States, the platform provides its email address as the most preferred contact.

Therefore, you can contact Payday’s customer service via email to proffer solutions to any help you need as regards its products and services.


Payday is a new payment platform that has both a physical and online presence, but it is apparent that Payday has not firmly its feet to meet the financial needs of its customers adequately; therefore, using Payday can pose some challenges of slow transaction processing and unresponsive customer service that may make the platform seem like a scam, but it is legit.

However, it is important and advisable to do your due diligence by perusing more customer reviews of Payday to inform your decision on using the platform.