Long before now, sending money across borders was not such an easy thing to do but fintech innovations today have made it possible to send money internationally without stress.

Chipper Cash is a mobile app that has changed the narrative of sending and receiving money across Europe, America and Africa. It allows people to securely and conveniently send and receive money across international borders with ease, low fees and speed.

The Chipper Cash app has made international transactions seamless and stress-free for all by providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional money transfers.

A lot of speculation on the internet created an atmosphere of doubt about this platform. Of course, the fintech space is an abode to many fraudulent platforms in the guise of providing financial services to people, so this speculation about Chipper Cash being a legit or scam app is not unfounded. 

However, to quell your doubt and answer some questions that may need to be answered about Chipper Cash, I have decided to write a review about the platform.

In this article, we will discuss its features, benefits, pros, cons and whether Chipper Cash is legit or a scam.

Chipper Cash Logo

What is Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is an online platform that is used for international money transfers across Europe and Africa. The app offers users a seamless and convenient way to send and receive money to friends and families across international borders with ease and very little fees.

Chipper Cash was invented in 2018 by two Africans, Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled based in the USA. They aimed to create a platform that will connect Africa’s markets through digital payments.

Chipper Cash is only available in seven African countries; Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. It also has over five million active users from all these seven countries in Africa.

With Chipper Cash, you can send funds from any of these African counties to another country in Europe with ease, pay your utility bills and buy airtime.

Chipper Cash is also used by businesses and clients to facilitate payment solutions. For example, freelancers and small businesses can get paid from any part of the world with ease. The platform integrated a crypto trading solution which will aid users to trade and invest in crypto and stock as well.

Chipper Cash issues a visa card to users which they can use to make online payments. Users can make free transfers and enjoy very low rates on cross-border transactions.

Some of the biggest benefits of using Chipper Cash are the low rates and the transaction speed of the app.

When compared to other international payment solutions like Paypal, Western Union and Venmo, Chipper Cash had the lowest transaction charges and the fastest transaction speed. Transactions with Chipper Vash are processed almost instantly and get to the recipient within minutes.

Chipper Cash Logo

 Is Chippercash a Legitimate Service

If you still think there’s any possibility that Chipper Cash is a scam, you are wrong. Chipper Cash is a legitimate fintech service that has been existing since 2018. 

Evidence of its legitimacy can be drawn from the over 4 million users who have done more than $1.5 billion volume of transactions in a quarter on the platform. 

The company has attracted a lot of investments from big firms, individuals and organizations. Chipper Cash had partnered with notable figures like Jeff Bezos and the Italian football club, AS Roma.

Chipper Cash has been featured by several media outlets and magazines such as BBC and Forbes Magazine.

From the customer reviews and. Ratings, Chipper Cash is the best app to give a shot for your cross-border transactions. There are lots of positive reviews from users, most especially about the speed and low charges on transactions.

It has an average of 4.5/5 rating on Google Play and an average of 4.4/5 on the App store. 

Chipper Cash is highly secure for your money and crypto through the Chipper digital wallet.

Why You Should Use Chipper Cash

Using Chipper Cash guarantees you a high transaction speed and very low transaction charges on your transactions. 

Users can get cash back while using some products such as airtime. For example, you will get 2% cash back when you buy airtime from Chipper Cash.

The verification process on Chipper Cash is simple and easy, unlike other similar platforms and there’s room to earn extra income through the referral programme. 

Chipper Cash provides users with the opportunity to invest in the stocks of top US companies and earn from their investments.

There are no extra charges on bill payments, so every bill payment on the app is free.

Chipper Cash issues a multi-currency virtual card which a lot more higher spending limit and this card can be used for all your online transactions.

Why Chipper Cash May Not Be Best For You

In as much as Chipper Cash looks like the perfect fintech solution for all financial needs, some factors may cause you not to consider this app.

The platform and its technology may be too sophisticated for some people. Though the app has a user-friendly interface, it may still be considered an advanced platform for people who are not used to such.

There’s no in-branch physical customer service to attend to customers who may need physical interaction. That is to say that everything is done online only. 

The multi-currency Chipper card issued to users does not consider official exchange rates, rather it uses the black market exchange rate.

How to Use Chipper cash

Chipper Cash does not support a web version but a mobile app version of the platform. 

The first step to using Chipper Cash is to download the Chipper Cash app from the app store and get started with your email address or phone number.

You can use the app to make transactions without verification but your transfer limit will be limited to N42,000 daily.

However, the verification process to upgrade your transaction limit is not a complex task. You only need to upload your BVN and a selfie.


Chipper Cash is one of the financial innovations that has ever emanated from Africa and gradually taking over other continents of the world. 

The platform has made cross-border transactions and other bill payments very convenient and swift, coupled with low transaction charges and zero fees on bill payments. 

If you are looking for a good platform on which to send or receive money from across the world, then Chipper Cash is that platform.