Digital payment has continued to gain traction as the number of internet users increases. This is due to the ease and convenience that online payments and transactions offer its users. In this regard, you may want to know about the Clubkonnect review to guide your decision about the platform.

It is common knowledge that technology has simplified banking and other financial operations.

There has been a paradigm shift from making payments at the physical offices of service providers to using a digital payment platform. This platform serves as the one-stop point to make all kinds of payments.

Therefore, the interest of internet users tends to skew towards these digital payment platforms.

Are you confused about using a payment platform like Clubkonnect? Perhaps you are wondering if the platform is legit and safe to use. This Clubkonnect review guides you on every you should know about the platform.

What is Clubkonnect?

Clubkonnect is an online payment portal providing instant airtime purchases, data bundles, bulk SMS, WAEC e-pin and JAMB e-pin. It also provides cable TV subscriptions and electricity bill payments.

This means the platform operates as a one-fit-all digital platform for all payments.

You can also make money transfer on Clubkonnect, which will require the creation of a Clubkonnect wallet to enable you to make instant payments and purchases on the platform.

How To Fund Clubkonnect Wallet

Clubkonnect review

Here are quick steps to fund your wallet on Clubkonnect:

  • Download the Clubkonnect app
  • Create a Clubkonnect account and log in
  • Click on “Deposit Money”
  • Enter the amount you want to fund your Clubkonnect
  • Choose your preferred payment method – which can be card payment or direct bank transfer
  • The fund will be added to your Clubkonnect after a successful payment

Meanwhile, it is important to note that you may have to provide your personal details for know-your-customer (KYC) purposes. This would make you eligible to use the direct bank transfer method, which is free.

But the other payment, the Interswitch ATM deposit, charges about 1.5% of the fund you send into your Clubkonnect wallet.

Furthermore, having a Clubkonnect account allows you to access a range of products and services available on the payment platform, which we will highlight in this Clubkonnect review.

Features On Clubkonnect

  1. Buy Airtime

You can instantly buy airtime on the platform. This is available for every mobile network in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile). As such, Clubkonnect users can top up their mobile phones with airtime at any time and from anywhere in Nigeria.

The airtime you can buy on Clubkonnect is between N50 and N50,000. You can also choose to renew the airtime purchase automatically anytime your airtime runs low.

How Clubkonnect buys airtime takes the semblance of using Prestmit to buy cheap airtime. So you can try Prestmit for the best performance.

  1. Buy Data Bundle

Similar to how Clubkonnect users can buy airtime on the platform, they can also buy data bundles of different mobile networks.

We are talking about MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile. But there is another internet available on Clubkonnect: Smile and Spectranet.

For internet users who do not want to go out of data to stay connected, you can buy a data bundle on this platform, just like you can buy cheap data on Prestmit.

There is a wide range of data from these providers, which you can buy at various prices on the platform. You can also choose to renew your purchase.

  1. Transfer Money

In the kind Clubkonnect as a digital payment platform, you can transfer money from your Clubkonnect wallet to another wallet.

This makes transactions seamless between two or more users on the platform.

But it is important that the sender and recipient have a verified Clubkonnect account before they can send and receive money on the platform.

  1. Cable TV Subscription

You can pay for your cable TV subscription on Clubkonnect. This covers all cable TV providers in Nigeria: Dstv, Gotv, and Startimes.

These cable TV services are in varying bouquets or packages. Therefore, Clubkonnect users can stay connected to their favourite digital channel when subscribing to the platform.

Alternatively, you can instantly pay your cable TV subscription on Prestmit, Nigeria’s leading digital payment platform.

  1. Pay Electricity Bills

Clubkonnect users can pay their electricity bills on the platform. This is available to the consumers of every electricity distribution company in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Clubkonnect provides API integration services for developers designing to integrate various bill payment features on their websites. This is a reseller service that the platform provides.

How To Earn Commission On Clubkonnect

You can earn a commission from every payment you make on the platform. This involves buying airtime, data bundle, cable TV subscription, and electricity bills.

When you make payment for any of these products, you are eligible to earn a 5% store commission all the time.

In addition, Clubkonnect users can earn a 35% referral commission on their membership upgrade fee.

Pros And Cons Of ClubKonnect

Some pros and cons underscore Clubkonnect as a digital payment platform in Nigeria. So let’s look at them,


  • Mobile app is available
  • 5% commission for every payment
  • Payment notification
  • Referral commission


  • All data packages are unavailable
  • High transaction fees
  • No live chat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Clubkonnect Legit?

With the many features highlighted in this Clubkonnect review, it is safe to infer that the platform is legit. It has a mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple Store that people can download to start using the platform.

This is in addition to its official website, which has customer support channels like the help desk and phone number to escalate your queries.

How Does Clubkonnect Work?

You can create a Clubkonnect account and start paying bills like airtime, data bundle, cable TV subscription, electricity, or even send money.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a Clubkonnect referral programme which undercuts earning commission for using the platform and referring people to the platform.


People are always conscious of the platform they use to make payments. That is why this Clubkonnect review is for you to understand the features and functions of the platform, including some features that the platform lacks.

However, it is important to research to establish the fact about Clubkonnect.

While trying to study and understand Clubkonnect, you may want to use Prestmit to pay all bills with instant payment confirmation and delivery.