The financial world is leveraging digitisation to bring various financial services to the reach of people. This is evident in the emergence of different digital payment platforms that avails you to make transactions without going to a local bank. This is the same solution that MoMo in Ghana offers and you may need to know how to locate MoMo POS agents in Ghana for your next transaction.

Agency banking plays a pivotal role in improving financial inclusion in Ghana, and by extension, the global society. This is a form of banking that caters for the unbanked population to enable them to access various financial services around their locale. As such, MoMo POS is one of the gateways to achieving the much-desired financial inclusion as this service is closer to people than local banks.

Locate MoMo POS agents in Ghana

Ghana is home to many indigenous and international commercial banks that offer different financial solutions to their teeming customers, but the function of these banks may not be robust enough to evenly or adequately serve the needs of people living in the country.

This why MoMo POS agents come as an arm of mobile money service to provide people living in the hinterlands or those with no luxury of time to go to the bank with the financial service they need.

Today, there is a proliferation of MoMo POS agents across Ghana. You can find as many as three or four MoMo POS agents along the stretch of a major street in Ghana, thereby, making financial services widely accessible to people living in both rural and urban centres.

In the sequel of the foregoing, this article is to guide you on how to easily locate MoMo POS agents to enable you to achieve your varying transactions at ease in Ghana.

An Overview Of MoMo POS And Its Role In The Mobile Money Ecosystem

Over the years, MoMo POS has been an integral component of the mobile money system due to its potential and prospect of bringing financial solutions to the doorstep of people. Gone are the days when you need to walk some distance to a local bank to send or receive money. In this instance, you may have to stand in a queue for several hours before you can access your preferred financial solution.

However, MoMo POS has changed the narrative in such a way that you do not have to worry about going to the local bank to send or receive money or to make your bill payments. This is because MoMo POS is serving as your one-stop way to access your basic financial services. Irrespective of your location in Ghana, you can easily spot a MoMo POS agent to get your transactions done as fast as possible.

As earlier mentioned, mobile money service, through the MoMo POS is helping to increase the rate of financial inclusion in Ghana, as they are deemed to be closer to people than the commercial banks we have around. These MoMo POS agents understand the financial needs of people around them to the best knowledge of how to manage them, hence, making it the toast of many people, most especially the unbanked in the country.

Services Offered By MoMo POS Agents In Ghana

MoMo POS agents provide people with a class array of basic financial solutions. Let’s look at these services.

1. Send And Receive Money

You can send and receive money via MoMo POS agents closer to you. Although the amount of money you can withdraw or send may vary this form of mobile money enables you to send money without a debit card and receive money in cash

2. Make Bill Payments

You can locate any MoMo POS agent near you to pay different bills. This can be electricity bills, cable tv subscriptions, or other bills that are available. This comes in handy to how you can also make your bill payments on Prestmit. Therefore, you can pay electricity bills, make cable tv subscriptions, fund your betting account, buy airtime, and buy data on the platform.

3. Buy Airtime And Data

MoMo POS agents provide you with the opportunity to buy airtime or data from a preferred mobile network provider. So this enables you to have airtime or data on your mobile phone as fast as possible. One distinguishing feature of buying airtime from MoMo POS agents is the high amount of airtime you can buy, which is not available in the recharge cards of the various mobile networks. This is similar to the large amount of airtime you can also buy on Prestmit.

How To Find MoMo POS Agents In Ghana

There are different methods of locating the nearest MoMo POS agents to you in Ghana. However, this largely depends on your preference for the convenience of search.

1. Use The MoMo App To Locate Nearby MoMo POS Agents

You can download the MoMo app on Google Play Store or Apple Store to enable you to access MoMo services. You will need to provide your basic information with your home or office address. This information would track your address towards highlighting MoMo POS agents that are closer to your home or office address.

2. Search For MoMo POS Agents Through The MoMo Website

You can also go to MoMo’s official website to enter your home or office address to know the available MoMo POS agents closest to you. This saves you the stress of walking around the streets to locate a POS agent.

3. Use MoMo Customer Support For Assistance In Locate Agents

There is MoMo customer support that you contact via call or email to ask for the MoMo POS agents nearest to you. This is a customer that is available anytime to give you a prompt directory of its agents around you.

Factors To Consider In Choosing A MoMo POS Agent

Locate MoMo POS agents in Ghana

There is no major or minor street in Ghana and there are no MoMo POS agents. But we can not rule out the possibility of some exclusions. This is why you should consider some factors that would inform your decision to choose your preferred agent.

1. Proximity Of The Agent

The true essence of MoMo POS agents is to bring basic financial services to the reach of people living in Ghana. The cause is defeated if you have to walk many miles to access financial services. Hence the need to consider that the MoMo POS agent is very close to your home or office address. For instance, you should be able to have an agent about 3-5 minutes away from you.

2. Reliability Of The Agent

You must ensure that the MoMo POS agent is a registered agent. We can not shy ways from the reality that mobile money service is one of the hotbeds of fraudulent entities. Therefore, the reliability of the agent in serving people around your locale with their varying financial needs would guide your decision in choosing such an agent.

3. Check The Ratings And Reviews Of The Agents

Customers’ ratings and reviews on a business are a testament to the level of satisfaction of people with the business. This is similar to what you should look out for when choosing a MoMo POS agent. What are people saying about the agent? Are people satisfied with the level of service the agent offers? Is the agent, not a scam? All these questions would guide you in your decision.

How To Make Cash Transactions With MoMo POS Agents

You can send and receive money using MoMo POS agents. But there are steps to take in achieving any of these cash transactions.

How To Send Money Through MoMo POS Agents

  • Locate any closest MoMo agent
  • Give cash and the receiver’s phone number or bank details to the agent
  • You will receive a 6-digit control number upon the completion of the transaction by the agent. Your receiver will also get another 6-digit control number
  • Give your 6-digit control number to your receiver
  • Your receiver can proceed to the nearest agent to present the 6-digit control number to get money

How To Receive Money

  • Locate the nearest MoMo POS agent
  • Give the 6-digit control number from your sender to the agents
  • Provide the agent with the other number you received
  • You will receive cash upon confirmation

Moreover, it should be noted that you can sell gift cards for MoMo in Ghana, which would enable you to either withdraw the money or use it for a preferred bill payment.

Security And Safety Tips For Using MoMo POS Agents

1. Keep Your PIN Private

You must ensure that you don’t reveal your PIN when making any transaction with MoMo POS agents. Your PIN is the private key to the funds in your account, and there is a possible loss of funds when it is breached. endeavour to enter your PIN in secret without revealing it to anyone.

2. Request For A Receipt

Endeavour to always ask for a receipt of every transaction with the agents. This is to enable you to keep track of your funds. Also, receipts enable you to make justifiable complaints in the of an unsuccessful transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Locating And Using MoMo POS Agents In Ghana

What Services Are Available At A MoMo POS Agent?

You can send and receive money with the agent. Also, you can make different bill payments, and buy airtime and data. You don’t need to have a bank account to achieve your financial needs, as you only need your phone number.

Does My 6-Digit Secret Code Expire?

There is a time window to withdraw the money sent to you with the 6-digit control number. This secret code expires after 30 days, and the sender call requests the money.

Can I Withdraw A Part Of The Money Sent To Me?

No. You must withdraw the whole sent to you at the MoMo POS agent location.