As many Nigerians are exploring viable ways to convert their unused airtime to cash, it is essential to delve into iPayAirtime review to give people an overview of its pros and cons. iPayAirtime is one of the best platforms to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria, as you withdraw the money into your local bank account. It is powered by IBK Technology, an IT provider duly registered in Nigeria.

With iPayAirtime, you may utilise airtime to make online purchases and convert airtime to cash. Instead of charging a registration fee, they levy an 18% deposit cost on MTN airtime. They assert that this is the most reasonable offer on the internet. iPayAirtime offers an API and assistance for businesses, so you may use it to accept airtime payments on your website.

iPayAirtime review

This payment solution comes when Nigerians are exploring ways of remedying the mistake of over recharging or, in the case of having airtime as a gift from a loved one but feel you should flip such airtime to cash.

For instance, I might want to recharge for NGN 1,000 MTN airtime from my mobile banking account and probably due to a slight distraction, I entered NGN 10,000. This can be heart-wrenching and devastating because it will beg the question of “what am I going to do with an NGN 10,000 MTN airtime?” But with an airtime conversion platform like iPayAirtime, I can be assured that I will sell the remaining NGN 9,000 airtime and get about NGN 8,200 cash.

In the sequel to this discourse, this article harps on reviewing thr pros and cons of using iPayAirtme to exchange airtime for cash.

What Is iPayAirtime?

iPayAirtime is the first MTN airtime conversion platform in Nigeria, with a significant focus on giving the best possible returns for its customers. Founded in 2018, the platform enables you to convert your MTN airtime to cash and which in turn will be credited to your wallet. It is noteworthy that this is a wallet designed by iPayAirtime for all its customers, so you can, of your volition, send the fund from your wallet into your local bank account without glitches.

Also, every transaction and process on the iPayAirtime platform is automated and instant; hence there is no need to contact an admin or customer support before you withdraw your cash into your bank account.

Another exciting feature of iPayAirtime is that you can see the real-time conversion rate and expected return when you use the platform. For instance, if you want to sell NGN 5,000 MTN airtime on iPayAirtime, the platform charges you a current rate of 8%, so that you will receive NGN 4,600 as cash.

iPayAirtime review

There is also an airtime-to-cash API, which enables developers to use iPayAirtime API to receive MTN airtime as cash or convert airtime to money on their applications. This unique feature is not available on most of the airtime flipping platforms in Nigeria, as it is exclusively for individuals or businesses that are developers. Therefore, the platform ensures that you upgrade your account to a business account before you can use the iPayAirtime API. The primary requirements for this business account are account verification and transaction history on pay airtime.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash On iPayAirtime

1. Create an iPayAirtime account. You must provide your full name, phone number, and email address.

2. Log into your account with your phone number and set your password.

3. Deposit the MTN airtime to your account wallet using Share and Sell.

4. Withdraw cash to your bank account.

How To Deposit Airtime To Your iPayAirtime Wallet

1. Click the “Deposit Airtime” menu.

2. Fill out and submit the deposit request form.

3. Check your eligibility and transfer the MTN airtime Share and Sell to the created number and you will receive funds in your wallet immediately.

How To Withdraw Funds From Your iPayAirtime Wallet To Your Bank Account

1. Click “Withdraw Funds” from the menu.

2. Enter your bank account details.

3. Click “Withdraw” to receive the money in your bank account.

What Are The Pros Of Using iPayAirtime?

  • Instant payment
  • Automated transaction
  • Low conversion fee/rate
  • API integration for businesses
  • Pay cable subscriptions like GOtv, DStv, Startimes
  • Conversion rate calculator

Cons Of Using iPayAirtime

  • Supports only MTN
  • Not available on mobile apps
  • Slow response to queries from customer support

Is iPayAirtime Legit Or Scam?

iPayAirtime operates under IBK Technology which is an IT solution that is licensed in Nigeria, so this posits that the platform is legit. Also, iPayAirtime is emphatic and intentional about its mission as it boldly warns its users to avoid trading with persons who might be impersonating the platform on different social media platforms, especially Facebook.


iPayAirtime is addressing the needs of Nigerians who want to make money from their excess airtime. But the coverage of iPayAirtime is low as it only supports MTN and does not have mobile apps. Therefore, this platform may not be ideal for all Nigerians.

Alternatively, Prestmit is an all-inclusive platform where you can convert all your airtime (MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile) to cash with access to our mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store.