Gomoney is a digital financial platform that makes it possible for users to send and receive money online without challenges. As a digital bank, Gomoney makes online payment easy for users and has come as a solution to myriads of crises that have continued to bedevil the e-commerce sector.

Launched in 2018, Gomoney has continued to grow and has found its proverbial home in Nigeria owing to its provision of digital banking and fintech services to Nigerians. Just like other digital banks, Gomoney allows users to pay and divide bills, send and request funds, share receipts, and organize spending among others.

Gomoney virtual card review

However, it is important to know that Gomoney transactions cover both Gomoney app users and those outside its network with a reasonable third-party settlement of N8.50 for the transactions on its network.

Gomoney Virtual Card Review: Is It A Good or Bad Idea?

Virtual cards have become a staple of many digital banks in Nigeria, which is the convenient payment method to pay bills or shop online, especially on international platforms like Amazon, Facebook, Ali Express, Netflix, and whatnot.

Other bank payment cards like the Mastercard or Visa cards, perhaps would work for both local and international platforms, but some platforms do not support them. Hence, the payment becomes difficult, and the need for a virtual dollar card becomes necessary, with Gomoney sitting as one of the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria.

Recently, Gomoney reviewed its virtual card for some reasons. But the question here is, are these reasons justifiable? Gomoney virtual card is designed to offer maximum security in payment in the face of uncertainty. As such, you can freeze your Gomoney virtual card if you notice authorised access to your Gomoney account and unfreeze it upon the certainty of your account is safe to use. You can even get a new card at zero cost.

It was argued that people take advantage of this provision for excessive card creation ranging from 10-20 virtual cards in less than a month and on the flipside increasing the platform expenses. Thus, the resolution was that getting a first virtual card on Gomoney will be free, whereas, subsequent requests will attract N850 cost.

Moreover, users now have a maximum virtual card generation limit that is a maximum of three cards every month. The international spending limit is now $100 per month irrespective of the number of virtual cards generated. Also, according to the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) directive, Gomoney platform users need to upgrade to a tier 3 account to be able to generate a virtual card.

It is important to say many users frowned at this development but it was a bold step to curb excessive card creation and also comply with the Central Bank Of Nigeria directive. Hence, the review has a positive outlook and money is still bent on creating stress-free banking aids as well as prompt virtual card usage.

How To Get A Gomoney Virtual Card

Getting a gomoney virtual card is not difficult. All you have to do as an existing user is to upgrade to a tier 3 account to be eligible. Upgrading is easy and fast. Click on the upgrade account, and follow the on-screen instructions to provide biometrics (signature, ID, and a selfie picture).

Frequently Asked Questions About Go money

Is Getting A Gomoney Virtual Card Free?

Your first virtual card is free. But subsequently, users will have to pay an N1,000 fee to get a new virtual card.

Can I Send Money To Or Receive Money From International Bank Accounts With Gomoney? 

With Gomoney currently, you cannot send or receive money with international bank accounts. It is only possible in Nigeria. However, with your Gomoney virtual card, you can transact on international platforms with ease.

Why Can’t I Access The Gomoney Virtual Card?

To access the Gomoney virtual card, you have to upgrade from the tier 1 category to either tier 2 or tier 3. Tier 1 is the default tier when you open your Gomoney account and it is restricted from accessing virtual cards.

How Do I Fund My Gomoney Virtual Card? 

The following are the steps to fund your Gomoney virtual card, you have to:

  • Log on to your Gomoney app
  • Click the fund button on your home screen to access your Gomoney account details
  • You can make a bank transfer from any bank of your choice to your Gomoney account


Virtual card payments are changing our transactional behaviour as regards sending money and paying bills online. With Gomoney at the fore of making digital payments seamless and fast with the Gomoney virtual card, it is important to understand the terms of use of the virtual card to ensure you don’t lose money.