Gosub is a digital platform that offers online payments and services to Nigerian individuals and businesses. It is one of the fastest and best platforms to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria with a high price to your bank account. When you send airtime to this website, they take pride in how quickly they process payment to your bank account.

You should anticipate receiving payment within 5 minutes if you utilise the website to convert airtime to cash. The platform also provides inexpensive data plans and airtime and processes bill payments in addition to converting airtime to cash.

GoSub review and its features

GoSub is used and trusted by over 30,000 Nigerian, as it has processed over 200,000 transactions that have had to do with different services the platform provides.

Reputed as your go-to platform when you want to flip your unused airtime for cash in Nigeria, there are some benefits that GoSub offers both individuals and businesses as an exchange platform. Some of these benefits are:

  • GoSub makes transactions easy and fast
  • You save more money when you use its services for your needs
  • GoSub guarantees 100% security and privacy when you use the platform
  • You will get a high level of customer support when you need your queries to be resolved on the platform

What Are GoSub Features?

GoSub has some features that it distinguishable from other airtime-exchanging platforms that we have in Nigeria. This Nigerian platform is wired to address the needs of Nigerians concerning making and saving money when they use it. Therefore, the following are the critical features of GoSub:

1. GoSub Services

Data subscription: the platform sells data for all networks in Nigeria and allows you to save from NGN 50 to NGN 10,000 per subscription when you use GoSub.

  • Cable TV subscription: you can renew your cable TV plan on GoSub while giving a discounted rate for your subscriptions.
  • Airtime to cash: this particular service on GoSub enables you to convert airtime to currency within 10 minutes of the transaction.
  • Bills payment: you can quickly pay for your various bills (electricity, waste disposal) on GoSub at a discounted amount.
  • Airtime top-up: this enables you to buy airtime of different networks from the platform at a discounted rate of 1% upward.
  • Referral: it also supports its users that share GoSub with people to make transactions on the platform and w, in turn, deposit a residual income into their bank account.

2. Instant Transaction

When you use GoSub for any of your needs, you are guaranteed a fast transaction within 10 minutes. So there is no back and forth when you sell or make payments on the platform. For instance, you are assured of getting your money in your bank account when you sell your unused airtime on the platform.

3. Pricing

GoSub offers an excellent pricing feature that enables you to “pay less, get more” when you buy your subscription plans on the platform. It applies to excellent rates available to its users when you send your airtime to GoSub. You save between NGN 50 to NGN 10,000 on all data plan subscriptions when you buy on GoSub. Also, the pay rate for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile is 81%, 60%, 60%, and 60%, respectively.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash On GoSub

1. Create a GoSub account and log in.

2. Click “Airtime” and select “Airtime to Cash”.

3. Fill in your details in the Airtime to Cash form.

4. Submit your request for processing.

5. Transfer the airtime from your phone using the transfer code of each network.

For instance, if I want to convert my NGN 10,000 MTN airtime to cash on GoSub, I will have to open a GoSub account if I’m a new GoSub user to get started. Also, I am expected to fill in the “airtime to cash” form, including my phone number, account number, name, and email address, and enter the NGN 10,000 amount to proceed with the transaction.

GoSub review and its features

GoSub Customer Reviews

On average, GoSub has been able to address the needs of most of its users. However, there are still some grey areas of customers’ dissatisfaction with either the lateness in the delivery time or whatnot. Therefore, here are some of the things GoSub customers have to say about the payment platform:

1. “Trust me, this is the best app/site for any transaction. They are fast and reliable. And their customer service is top notch.” – Stress Crusher Tv

2. “Omo, the experience was amazing…. successful in all my transactions. I just discovered them today. Airtime to cash made easy.” – Ikechukwu Anderson

3. “Gosub. Ng has continually failed to update my wallet funding in my dashboard. Three times now and then, customer care has been ignoring me while. I have contacted my banks, and it was confirmed that the transfer worked. They’re unreliable and incompetent.” – Ihendinihu Ezinne

4. “Gosub is reliable and fast with delivery, with good listening skills to your needs. I feel relaxed with them.” – Ekene Elias

5. “So far, this is one of the best platforms I have done business with. They are fast and very reliable.” – Brian James

6. “They are the best. I thought they were a scam before, but they are real.” – Adegboyega Oluwasegun

7. “The site isn’t loading again after I have sent an N5,000 recharge card to them. I hope I haven’t been scammed because if I have, I will make the developers pay.” – Joan Nubari

8. “Gosub. ng is very fast and reliable. I recommend this platform to anyone. It’s legit!” – Juliet Judie

9. “Verification is taking time while I need money urgently. This has been two days now. And their agent isn’t responding. Plus, it would help if you guys came to my aid.” – Herssern Bm eedreez

10. “Reliable and trustworthy. They keep to their promise. It is a No Panic Zone.” – Kehinde Alehile

In the sequel to the above customer reviews, GoSub boasts an overall satisfaction rating of 4.6, which makes it a reliable platform.


GoSub is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to flip airtime for cash in Nigeria, with its unique features and benefits to relish for the transactional experience. Above all, this platform helps pay bills, buy subscription plans, etc., as an individual or a business.

However, it is important that you do your due diligence in thoroughly researching GoSub and how it works before using the platform. Moreover, while you mull your decision to use the platform, you can also consider Prestmit as another option for converting your airtime to cash, paying bills, and paying for your subscription plans. Your transaction process on Prestmit is faster and easier than you can imagine.