The cryptocurrency market has provided millions of people with lots of money-making opportunities in the last decade. In the presence of strong regulations by the Nigerian government, the Flitaa app was designed to help users buy, sell, earn money and swap cryptocurrencies. 

Flitaa is an online crypto trading platform where Nigerians and other Africans can harness the benefits of the cryptocurrency market to its fullest. 

Remember that a cryptocurrency is a digital currency whose transactions are verified by records using cryptography which is not controlled by any centralized government. 

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised currencies that can be purchased, earned and swapped in the crypto market. You can take advantage of the market by trading crypto using Flitaa mobile app.

The crypto space has witnessed a lot of scams from dubious platforms claiming to offer crypto trading and earning services, so it’s in my right for people to ask whether Flitaa is a legit platform or a scam.

This review is a complete analysis that will help you understand the features of Flitaa, the benefits of using the app, the pros, and cons and how to trade, earn or swap cryptocurrency on Flitaa.

 What is Flitaa

Flitaa is an online mobile app launched in 2021 by a fintech company, Flitaa base. The motive of this innovation was to facilitate a good platform for Africans to buy, sell, earn and swap cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency was introduced as far back as 2009 but I can tell you for sure that Africans are below the radar of cryptocurrency users. Apart from the strict government policies on the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa, the willingness and the smooth platform on which to adopt crypto in Africa are quite low.

Flitaa has eased and demystified the mystery of trading crypto in Africa. For a company that was just established in 2021, Flitaa has gained the trust of millions of users and also simplified the complicated process of crypto trading by providing multiple deposit options and giving users the option of buying crypto with as little as N500.

The need for third-party involvement in purchasing or selling has been eliminated by Flitaa, you can buy, sell, earn and swap crypto yourself on the platform, you only need to get verified.

One benefit of using Flitaa to trade crypto is that you don’t need peers on the platform to trade even though it is a Peer-to-Peer platform. You buy as many as you like from Nigeria without any hiccups or middlemen. You will also earn a lifetime of 0.5% from every trade made by any user you referred to the platform.

You can earn money from Flitaa even without investing a dime on the platform. By participating in the Flitaa weekly or monthly referral campaign, you can earn up to $30 weekly or $100 monthly.

Flitaa logo

Is Flitaa a Legitimate Service

Yes, Flitaa is a reliable and trusted online platform, specially created for Africans to carry out crypto transactions and earn money through crypto trading. 

Flitaa offers users access to trade over 40 tokens on the platform and get paid in their local currency with multiple payment options. 

The app offers a digital crypto wallet where users can easily store their crypto safely. It was built with a higher security protocol and as such, it is safe and secure to store crypto.

Additionally, the app requires a two-factor authentication process if you want to log in, deposit, trade or swap cryptocurrency. 

Flitaa claims the platform was built with love and integrity to give peace of mind to users but this is not the evidence that drove to the conclusion of its legitimacy. 

After combing the internet and the app store to get some customer reviews about Filtaa, we can say that the platform has a lot of positive and impressive reviews from users. 

The app’s user-friendly interface, transaction speed and prompt customer support were immensely commended by users. However, some users lamented the high transaction charges and cumbersome verification process, even though Flitaa charges a 2% trading fee and 0% deposit fees. 

The app has a 3.5/5 average rating on the  Google Play Store.

Why Your Friends Are Using Flitaa

Flitaa has a relatively low trading cost, unlike similar crypto trading apps in Africa like Bundle Africa, and CoinChain Africa. The trading fee on some transactions can vary between N10 to N100 which makes the cheapest rate for any crypto wallet.

Users can buy crypto with as little as N500 on the app, allowing everyone to join the crypto train. 

The speed of the app is another factor that makes it desirable. Crypto transactions using Flitaa are completed in minutes. The customer service is also exceptional in their swift response to users’ complaints and inquiries.

Referral earnings on the app are lifetime earnings from all the transactions carried out by the person you referred.

Why You May Not Want To Use Flitaa

There are a few reasons why Flitaa may not be the best app you need for crypto trading. The tokens listed on Flitaa are mostly new and small tokens that are still in their infant stage in the crypto space.

If you’re looking forward to buying or swapping big tokens, you may not find them in the space. 

The know-your-customer(KYC) process may be unsuitable for some users who may want to reveal their true identity and personal information.

How to Use Flitaa

Since you have decided to use Filtaa, the first thing to do is to download the app and register. You can’t use trade or perform any transaction on the website. 

You will need a valid email address and phone number to create your account. 

Fill in the required details like email, phone number and password. Click on “continue” to verify your email by clicking on a link sent to your registered email.

As a new user, your transaction limit will be restricted, so you need to verify your Flitaa account to upgrade your transaction limit.

The first verification step requires a just phone number, the second requires account details and the third verification requires a valid ID.

After a successful verification, you can now buy, sell, earn or swap crypto on your Flitaa account.


Africa is set to take a good spot on the map of cryptocurrency adoption courtesy of the Flitaa platform. 

Flitaa seeks to make crypto trading seamless and easy, by encouraging mass adoption of crypto through reduced trading fees.

Anyone can own crypto on Flitaa with as little as N500 and also earn for a lifetime by referring people to the platform.