The potency of creating wealth from cryptocurrencies is not fully emphasized. With each passing day, innovations of making money from cryptocurrencies are birthed into the crypto space. We have had so many techniques from which people can make extra income from crypto currency such as; staking, yield farming, air dropping, hodling, automated trading, crypto lending and mining

All these strategies have been proven to be good ways of making profits from the crypto market despite the condition of the market.

Many platforms have emerged over the past few years to offer their services on these strategies to ameliorate the processes for the common users. An example is the decentralized crypto lending platforms like UniSwap where crypto traders can lend their tokens for a reward in the form of interest.

Similarly, many online platforms have emerged to offer mining services to users who may not be able to build a mining rig of their own.

Bee Network Cryptocurrency app is one of the fastest growing mining apps which enables users to mine cryptocurrency with just their smartphones and earn bee coins. 

The Bee Network has been plagued with a lot of controversies by crypto enthusiasts and some speculators about the legibility of the platform.

This article intends to do a complete review of the Bee Network platform, whether it is a scam or legit.

What Is Bee Network Cryptocurrency

Bee Network is a digital app which allows users to mine and earn cryptocurrency known as Bee coin.

It’s quite easy to mine and does not require any complex settings, allowing users to mine crypto with their phones. 

The Bee Gaming Ltd is a network app launched in December 2020 providing a unique gamified experience for users to earn Bee. 

Users mine Bee on the Bee Network by clicking the Bee button every 24 hours to earn Bee rewards. The reason for this is to ensure trust in the project and also convince the network that a real human being is mining the Bee cryptocurrency.

There is a specific role every user of this network must play as the network grows.

Roles In Bee Network

1. Visioner:

Logging in to the app every 24 hours and clicking on the bee button secures every user a base rate of 1.6 bee/hour and this is automatic. In other words, you need not open the app hourly to get the hourly rate. 

After the 24 hours elapses, you’ll need to log in again and click the bee button to get the hourly 1.6 bees for the next 24 hours. 

Also, the base rate of a user playing the visionary role will be slashed by 50% four times pending when the Bee Network ceases supply of Bee at 1 billion global users.

The base rate will be slashed from 1.6 to 0.8 at 100,000 users, to 0.4 at 1 million users, 0.2 at 10 million users, and 0.1 at 100 million users until supply is 0 at 1 billion users.

2. Referrer:

This role of the referrer is to refer new visionaries to join a new team to interact and accomplish common goals and missions with team members in the upcoming in-app functions.

The in-app functions will be launched in the next phases of the Bee Network.

3. Verifier:

The role of the verifier is more important now that the Bee Network has entered its second phase. Since the main priority of the Bee Network is to build a strong gaming community of confided members, it’s important to have verified to ascertain the identity of members joining the network.

A verifier must confirm the knowledge of the person’s identity and whether they are ethical and non-fraudulent.

Everyone in your security circle must have successfully undergone their KYC (Know Your Customer) process before you as a verifier can access the full functions of the next phases.

Is Bee Network A Scam?

Many people have questioned the validity of the Bee Network and some are still sitting on the fence about this new cryptocurrency.

Bee Network is a digital app available in Android and iOS versions of smartphones which can be easily used to mine the Bee Network cryptocurrency, bee coins.

However, bee coin is not listed on the most famous crypto exchanges. This is one of the reasons why most people perceive the Bee Network to be a scam

Bee Network is not a scam! The app is available for everyone to download on the store and it doesn’t require much to get started. 

Simply download the app, undergo the KYC process and input your referral code. The first requirement you need to sign up is a referrer and you can earn more bee coins from the referrals you can invite as they mine as well.

The app has been rated very high on Play Store and App Store, coupled with positive reviews. It becomes very clear that users of the Bee Network are quite optimistic about the network and the gaming experience they get while trading.

Bee Network has gathered a lot of audiences ever since it entered the market and will likely continue to grow with a stronger audience and users.

The ingenious innovation of this network has left many people in a sense of bafflement.

Is Bee Network Cryptocurrency App Battery Draining?

Some people have alleged that the app may be battery and data-consuming. The truth is that the Bee Network app does not drain the battery and does not cause any lags when the app is running in the background.

It doe not have any hidden charges or investment before use. It is simply free to use and the overall user interface is quite easy to navigate.

Additionally, the Bee Network app is not a risk to personal data stored on the devices. The app uses the central processing unit of the phone for mining bee coins and keeping the exchanges in bee coins safe.

It also does not consume much internet data like some heavy-duty apps. 


Bee Network app is not a scam but the app is just in its infant stages, so it is understandable why some people may be in doubt about this network. 

At the moment, it’s still a small network with a small cryptocurrency of a low price. 

Hopefully, when the Bee Network hits 1 billion users which will push it to stage three, the app will be publicly listed on big trading exchanges and it will become very valuable and expensive.