itunes rates

An iTunes gift card could be very useful as it can transform your phone into an entertainment outlet. Even when not being used to redeem gifts, the apple branded gift card can be sold for good cash. To get a good value for your card you must sell it at a good rate. Rates differ from platform to platform and some have better rates than some. This article will help you know the exact price of your iTunes card for the best returns.

To know how much the cards are sold for, a lot of variables need to be put into consideration. These variables are what determine the amount of money the seller receives.

Factors that Determine iTunes Gift Card Rates

  1. The country the iTunes gift voucher is made for affects the rates. Due to this factor, some cards carry more value than others. For example, as at when this article was being composed Switzerland’s $100 physical iTunes gift card is worth more than USA’s at -N-32,000 to -N-25,000.
  2. The nature of the gift card is a determinant of how much it will be sold for. Some iTunes gift cards are Physical cards while some are online. US $100 iTunes online gift card -N-27,000 is worth more than the physical one -N-25,000.
  3. The amount of money preloaded on the card also affects the selling price. This is a straightforward one, a $500 iTunes gift card will definitely be worth more than a $100 one.
  4. A low card balance will reduce the card rate.

Apart from these factors, general prices rise and fall due to other reasons like exchange rates. This means if today’s prices are listed on this post it will definitely change in the future. That brings us to the problem of how to get exact rates at any given time.

How to Know iTunes Gift Card Rates

The Prestmit Rate Calculator

The Prestmit platform has a rate calculator to calculate card rates at any given time. The calculator breaks all the barriers one would face trying to find out gift card rates. You can get all these by just logging on to the Prestmit platform. Click the three horizontal lines beside the blue “Dashboard” Icon at the right top hand. After that you click on rates from the options, it will take you to the Rate Calculator. Any Tom, Dick or Femi would be able to figure out how to use it because it is very easy to use.

With the Prestmit Calculator gift card, sellers are rest assured they won’t have to google “how much is iTunes gift cards” anymore.